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Mailbag (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday March 7, 2007 10:00AM; Updated: Wednesday March 7, 2007 10:00AM
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Jenn Sterger
Florida State students are proud to be Seminoles.
Jenn Sterger
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You being a 100 percent true Seminoles fan, what is your position on the retirement of Chief Illiniwek at the University of Illinois? Do the majority of the FSU students disagree with the U of I's Board of Trustee's decision to appease the NCAA? -- Les, Bloomington, Ill.

When a school chooses a particular "people" as a symbol for their university, it is supposed to be considered an honor. Otherwise, Notre Dame would be getting pounded by a bunch of Irish men straight from the local pub's happy hour. (Just kidding!) The situation and circumstances surrounding the U of I's and FSU's mascots couldn't be more different.

First, Florida State does not treat the Seminole as a mascot. Even freshman at Florida State are taught that the Seminole is symbol, not a mascot, and it is to be treated with the utmost respect. Though the history of using this symbol is long, drawn out, and has faced numerous revisions in previous years, we have the Seminole Tribe's permission to use their traditions as symbols of our University. The use of the name is to honor the bravery, courage and strength these people demonstrated in fighting for their own personal freedom against persecution by the government. To this day, they still remain, "unconquered," and thus have maintained a close partnership with Florida State University in preserving the imagery and tradition that is the Seminole.

I don't know if the University of Illinois has these kinds of agreements, but I assume it must have exhausted every avenue possible before changing something that has been a part of the school's history for so long. The NCAA targeted numerous institutions with this complaint. My school chose to do what the Seminole image implies: stand up for and defend what is rightfully ours. I think I can safely speak for my peers at Florida State when I say it is an honor to be a "Seminole" at heart and in spirit.

You seem to be really enjoying yourself on those Road Trip videos. Do you like college basketball as much as you like college football? And where do the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB rank on your list of favorite sports to attend" -- Benjamin, Bloomington, Minn.

I am absolutely loving my Road Trip experiences. The way I see it, it's like having an extra year to squeeze in all of the stuff I didn't get to do in college. I really don't like to rank my favorite sports, but I make it no secret that my first love has and will always be college football. College basketball and baseball run a close second. When it comes to pro sports, it's a toss up. As long as I have a team that I am passionate about, then the sport means more to me. I enjoy watching the NFL and MLB more in person, because the fan experience just can't be beat by a television screen. Plus, I have local franchises to cheer for, namely the Tampa Bay Bucs and Devil Rays. The NHL doesn't have as big of a draw down here in the south because it's hard to be passionate about a sport played on ice in 90 degree heat. (I still love my Lightning, though!) As for the NBA, the closest I have to a home team is the Orlando Magic, but with interstate traffic the way it is, the commute to O-town isn't a fun one. I'm sure I'll make my way over there sooner or later though. Regardless, as long as there is a competition, I will always enjoy the thrill of the game, and you'll always find me rooting for the underdog.

I met this girl at work and I am very attracted to her. Luckily she doesn't work with me anymore, so I could start a relationship with her if I wanted. The thing is, we have gone out to have a drinks a couple times and every time we go out we end up making out in the car in front of her house. It never goes farther than that. Is there some signal that I'm missing to take this to the next level or does she just want to be friends with me. I'm confused. On a side note we would love to see you in Milwaukee some time, home of drinking beer, bar dice, and drinking more beer. Thanks for your time. -- Rob, Milwaukee

Until you say you want a relationship with her, most girls are just assuming you want nothing more than a casual make-out partner. The truly psychotic ones will assume your Random Make-Out Sessions (or RMOS) are a sign you want to father their children, but us normal chicks are just assuming you don't want a commitment. If you really like this girl, speak up and tell her so. You don't have to proclaim your undying love for her, just be honest about your feelings and the rest will sort itself out from there.

As for the Milwaukee invite, I'm always down for seeing all that America has to offer, but I doubt I will pay another visit to Wisconsin in the cold of winter. I didn't get to sample the beer, per my New Year's Resolution to not drink, but I will say you guys have kick-ass cheese. So let me know when things start thawing out up there, then maybe we can arrange something.

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