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What's on Jenn's mind?

Beckhams en route, Derby fallout, Potter talk, more

Posted: Thursday July 12, 2007 1:00PM; Updated: Thursday July 12, 2007 1:29PM
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David Beckham
David Beckham-mania in the U.S. is about to reach a new level.
Simon Bruty/SI
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What I'm looking forward to: Having played his last game for Real Madrid, David Beckham and his brood are finally jumping the pond. Beckham penned a deal with the L.A. Galaxy, pretty much solidifying him as the official poster child for Major League Soccer. His "Spicewife" Victoria is already fulfilling her role as a fashionista here in America, hitting up countless award shows, premieres and fashion galas, all while shooting her one-time show about her family's transition to Los Angeles. David is on the cover of this week's SI, while he and Victoria are featured in the August issue of W magazine. And they will no doubt be in every gossip mag in the coming weeks. America hasn't seen this big of a British invasion since the Beatles, but will the Beckham's and the newly reunited Spice Girls have the staying power of the Fab Four? We'll soon find out.

On my Calendar: I'm heading' to the Windy City this week to watch some baseball and some racing. Friday afternoon will be my first experience in legendary Wrigley Field. The Cubs take on the Houston Astros in a 1:20 start, so yours truly is praying the Windy City lives up to its name or I could be in for one long, hot afternoon.

Saturday will be spent down the street in Joliet at Chicagoland Speedway to watch the NASCAR Busch Series Race. Who knows? Maybe Kyle Busch will have sweet revenge on this week's field for getting edged out of a same-day double victory in Daytona this week. Let's go racing, Chicago. See you soon!

What I'm watching: Wednesday night marked the opening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. With the last book in the series making its debut next week, I will probably join the madness and see the latest film just so I can keep up with the rest of the world. I doubt any of Harry's one-liners will have the same panache that Bruce Willis' did in last week's Live Free or Die Hard, but we can still be hopeful for even half of the action.

While everyone else in America was watching Transformers, I was actually taking in the new Mandy Moore/Robin Williams comedy, License to Wed. As always, Robin delivers with his usual funnyman antics (which have been absent in some of his recent darker flicks), and unlike most teenie-bopper singers-gone-actors, Mandy Moore's acting is steadily improving. Hey, anything is better than watching Jessica Simpson's attempt at romancing Dane Cook in Employee of the Month.

Athlete of the Week: This week's shoutout goes to Vladimir Guerrero for beating out Alex Rios in this year's Home Run Derby. Even though this year's derby proved to not be as eventful as year's past, the two still put on quite a show for viewers.


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