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Power Rankings (cont.)

Posted: Monday April 9, 2007 12:38PM; Updated: Monday April 9, 2007 3:34PM
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MLB Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
21 -- The young guys, Delmon Young, Elijah Dukes and B.J. Upton, are ripping the ball. So is Akinori Iwamura. And so are the opponents: a .317 average against. Ouch.
22 -- A.J. Pierzynski leaned into a pitch -- or at least didn't get out of the way of one -- to steal a game last Thursday. That, alone, puts the Sox in the Bottom 10. Go blame A.J.
23 -- Eric Gagne may be back soon, but unless the guy can hit a home run or two, that's not helping. The mighty Rangers have the worst slugging percentage (.302) in baseball.
24 -- An incomplete, like the Indians, is probably most deserved. But considering these are the Mariners, and no one expects anything out of them anyway, this will have to do.
25 -- I'm probably being a little harsh with the Phils. But not nearly as harsh as the Braves and Marlins were last week. An ERA above 5.00 is nothing to yap about, fellas.
26 -- The Royals are better than they were last year. They're showing signs. The pitching, in fact, was pretty good last week. But a question: Have they rushed Alex Gordon?
27 -- An 83-win team in '06 that lost some key members of its rotation was not bound to do well. So, in a way, a 2-4 start with no quality starts is meeting expectations. Congrats.
28 -- Don't you want to scream at this team? These guys are hitting .224. They were swept by the Pirates. If I'm Roger Clemens, that La-Z-Boy is starting to look reeeal nice.
29 -- How does a team with maybe the greatest home run hitter ever -- yeah, tell it to someone else -- manage only two home runs in six games? Man, the Giants need help.
30 -- Generally speaking, you need a foundation to begin a rebuilding process. The Nats don't have one. So they're still a season or two away from rebuilding. Yecch.

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