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Power Rankings (cont.)

Posted: Monday June 11, 2007 1:18PM; Updated: Monday June 11, 2007 3:36PM
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MLB Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
11 7 Chipper Jones and his bad wrists cannot get back soon enough. Since his last game (May 23), the Braves are 8-10. Last week they lost three of four to the Marlins and managed only a split with the Cubs. Since Chipper left, they have an on-base percentage of .317. This is serious.
12 10 You lose a series to the Cubs. The Cubs! And then you back that up with a series loss to the Rangers. Do I have to keep pointing out the obvious? Yeah, that 24-10 start was a beauty. You're 10-19 since then! J.J. Hardy, in his past 28 games, is hitting .214 with a .250 OBP. That's serious, too.
13 14 It's hard to know if anyone should take this team seriously. Since they first fought their way back to 20-20, after that awful start, the Phils are 12-11. They just lost another series, this time to the hapless Royals. And now they have the rest of the AL Central to deal with? Good luck with that.
14 20 Whoa! A jump this far? Well, the Yanks are coming off six in a row against the White Sox and Pirates. They're pounding the ball, hitting .336 as a team (with a .923 OPS) in that span. Their pitching is coming together (3.27 ERA in their last six). And, my goodness, Roger Clemens is back!
15 11 The Twins play possum better than anyone in baseball. Right now they're up for the Oscar for early June roadkill. Series losses to the Angels and Nationals have them at 3-7 this month. Johan Santana is already 0-2 with a 3.46 ERA in June. Or might it be that this team is really dead?
16 16 Don't ask me how a team can lose to the pitching-poor Devil Rays, then turn around and thump the pitching-rich Dodgers. It doesn't make sense. But I will say this: Anyone who picked Alex Rios (14 homers) for their fantasy team is looking pretty bright at this point.
17 17 The Marlins lost the Sunshine State Series to the Rays over the weekend -- how will they sleep at night? -- largely because, in the last two games, the mighty South Floridians were just 1-for-13 with runners in scoring position. Strikeout king Adam Dunn would be right at home here.
18 21 A fine week for the Rocks was tempered somewhat with the realization that ... well, it was only series wins over the Astros and Orioles. Still, that's six straight series that Colorado has either won or tied. It's a start. Unfortunately, playing at Boston this week, it's probably an end, too.
19 24 If Andrew Sonnanstine, who won on Sunday, can be a solid starter, Tampa Bay has the makings of a fine rotation (with Scott Kazmir and James Shields). The Rays are one game better than they were at this time in '04, when they won a team-record 70. This may be a real start.
20 19 The Perlozzo meter is still ticking in Baltimore. The O's have exactly one series win this season over a team that currently has a winning record (the A's). The Orioles have no punch (last in homers), an awful bullpen (4.77 ERA) and an appointment with the AL East basement.

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