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Power Rankings (cont.)

Posted: Monday June 11, 2007 1:18PM; Updated: Monday June 11, 2007 3:36PM
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MLB Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
21 15 And now, for our Ozzie Guillen Quote of the Week: "I wish I could make another lineup," the skipper said after another miserable loss, "but everyone is hitting .220."
22 23 Somewhere in the slumbering beast that is the Cubs -- not counting Mt. Lou -- there is life. Alfonso Soriano had a three-homer game this week and is hitting .432 in June. I'm telling you, they can still win the Central.
23 18 The Giants are so screwed up and so hurting that on Friday they had to play pitcher Noah Lowry in right field in the 10th inning. Bonds update: Since May 9, .213, one HR, five RBIs in 105 PA.
24 22 The Cardinals have improved to the point -- really, they have -- where they are now able to beat bad teams. But, even with Albert Pujols' June (1.271 OPS), they're only 5-4 this month.
25 26 When mild-mannered Lance Berkman is getting kicked out of games -- twice, even -- you wonder how under-control this team really is. Which, in my mind, puts Phil Garner's job in jeopardy.
26 27 Felipe Lopez -- who has a worse OBP than Juan Pierre -- didn't run out a grounder on Thursday, so Manny Acta yanked him out of the game. Acta for mayor, I say.
27 25 Sure, Adam LaRoche has been disappointing. But Ronny Paulino and Jack Wilson and Chris Duffy have been just as bad. Maybe worse. And how can Zach Duke still be in the rotation?
28 28 Homer Bailey. Woo hoo! When you're a Reds fan, and the Reds are playing like the Reds are playing (forget the Battle of Ohio win), you get your excitement when you can and how you can.
29 29 Taking a Scott Boras client (high schooler Mike Moustakas) in the draft was a stunner. Either the Royals are serious about rebuilding or they're serious about looking like they're rebuilding.
30 30 I would have loved to have moved the Rangers up in the PRs this week after their series win over the Brewers. But, sadly, it was only the Brewers. And the Rangers, sadly, are still the Rangers.

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