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How the Rockies ... (cont.)

Posted: Saturday October 27, 2007 11:11AM; Updated: Saturday October 27, 2007 11:11AM
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Cash call: It's up to Yankees GM

The Yankees' managerial call appears now to be in general manager Brian Cashman's hands, a switch from a week ago when even Cashman conceded that George Steinbrenner usually makes the managerial calls.

Cashman knows Steinbrenner has wanted to see personal favorite Don Mattingly manager his team, so if it's a close call, Mattingly will likely get the nod. Cashman was believed to favor Joe Girardi in the past, so he may be in a quandary about what to do. It isn't an easy spot for him.


It's hard to know whether having the power in this case is a blessing or a curse in that Cashman has only one year remaining on his own $5.5-million, three-year deal.

McCourting change?

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is said to be very unhappy with the Dodgers' dreadful finish and season. So the idea of Girardi being hired as manager isn't completely crazy (he is said to have another opportunity, though it isn't known where). However, the new idea reported in the Los Angeles Daily News would have Girardi starting as bench coach.

Such a hiring would be such an obvious manager-in-waiting situation that it would be completely unfair and untenable for current manager Grady Little.

Around the Series and the Majors

• The Red Sox are expected to offer free agent pitcher and Game 2 winner Curt Schilling a one-year contract, people close to the situation say. They know he'll probably be able to get two-year deals elsewhere considering his decent season and very fine postseason but will hope his public stance that he'd prefer to stay will carry the day.

Barry Bonds needs to let go of his Giants dream. All this begging by an all-time great is really unbecoming.

• Bonds' idea that the Yankees wouldn't make sense because they already have two DHs really misses the main point, which is that Bonds wouldn't touch New York under any circumstance. He made that clear in negotiations in 2001 when he refused to go for a visit with Yankees people.

Terry Francona made the right call to sit Kevin Youkilis even though he's Boston's second hottest hitters. Francona's reasoning was sound. With no DH in Colorado, he had to employ David Ortiz, a much bigger threat than even the red-hot Youkilis. And he couldn't well lose Mike Lowell's defense at third by using Youkilis there.

Jonathan Papelbon picking off Matt Holliday by a mile is the key play in the series, and a great example of scouting by the Red Sox, who suspected that Holliday was trying to steal on Papelbon, who is notoriously slow to the plate. The whole strategy behind the play was spelled out in the Boston Globe by Gordon Edes. Credit goes to Red Sox bench Brad Mills. Which shows that a bench coach's job isn't just to ride the bench.

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