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Mighty Fed strikes out (pt. 3)

Posted: Wednesday March 14, 2007 11:15AM; Updated: Wednesday March 14, 2007 12:04PM
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I got my favorite spam e-mail of all time the other day. It was for diet pills, but the subject was simply, "Greg Rusedski younger classier."
-- John Thompson, Austin, Texas

Those are two adjectives ... never mind. Now that's good spam. All I ever get are cringe-worthy puns about Cialis and the like.

Please, please, please can we stop with the Federer/Sampras and Federer/Tiger comparisons? They're almost as boring as dissecting the Hall of Fame nominations. Thank you.
-- Margaret, New Jersey

Amen, at least for a few weeks.

Shots, miscellany

Dan Martin of Dayton, Ohio, writes: "The GEICO auto insurance commercial in which a caveman is in the airport and sees a 'So easy a caveman can do it' poster and shakes his head. The nice touch in the commercial is that the caveman in the airport is carrying a wooden tennis racket and has a quasi-1970's Bjorn Borg look. It sends a subtle message that the caveman is a bit dated even if he is not a club-wielding brute."

• The relaunched rafaelnadal.com is up and running

Jason of Surprise, Ariz., writes: "I think this is the only way Federer will see some competition. If there are two Federers! Check out this video from Wilson.

Dmitry of San Jose, Calif.: "An interesting stats comparison Web site for Federer vs. Sampras can be found here.

Paul Hage-Chahine of Paris invites you to check out his women's tennis photo gallery.

Randy of El Centro, Calif.: "Taylor Dent and his dad are starting a tennis academy at Los Caballeros Tennis Club in Fountain Valley, Calif. (Yes, there goes another serve-and-volleyer.)"

Alex Charles of Lancaster, Pa., writes: "Parallax (as per dictionary.com): the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer."

• Another Andrea Jaeger piece. Jonathan Scott of Indianapolis (go Butler) sent this link.

• Speaking of links, several of you noted Daniel Coyle's excellent piece in The New York Times a few weeks back on Moscow Spartak Club.

• Bad loss for the USTA as Bill (I'm not just a steakhouse model) Mountford is taking a position with Great Britain's Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) as head of coach relations and competition.


• How about some props to Alexander Waske -- the former investment banker who played college tennis in San Diego -- for upsetting top-seed Guillermo Canas in the last round of Pacific Life qualifying. (Canas made it into the main draw as a lucky loser.)

• Incidentally, Canas beat Jan-Michael Gambill in the first round of qualifying.

Michael Mulvey of Milwaukee sends this week's long lost sibs: "Fernando Gonzalez looks exactly like Barry Watson from What About Brian."

Have a great week, everyone!

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