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Best NBA stories of '06-07

From 'Melo's Manilow to Fear The Fro night in Chicago

Posted: Monday April 30, 2007 4:25PM; Updated: Monday April 30, 2007 4:25PM
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Jesse Jackson does his best Ben Wallace impersonation at a Bulls game.
Jesse Jackson does his best Ben Wallace impersonation at a Bulls game.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As we did last season, and the previous year, it's time for our third annual trip through some of my favorite stories from the previous NBA season.

Also, I'd like to announce that from now on we will call this yearly column The Gilbert Arenas Awards, in honor of Agent Zero's season of capriciousness.

By my unofficial count, this season alone Gilbert: 1) dubbed himself "the Hibachi" for his ability to heat up quickly; 2) threw himself an enormous birthday party; 3) said he would score 50 points against Phoenix (which he did) and Portland (which he didn't); 4) performed an unplanned dunk off a trampoline during the NBA All-Star Game; 5) admitted that he was modifying his Washington D.C. home to simulate high altitude conditions; 6) pushed "swag" into the mainstream lexicon; 7) banned rookie James Lang from the Wizards locker room; 8) said he would skip an entire NBA season so he could play one game against Duke and Mike Krzyzewski, adding that in one game he'd probably score either 84 or 85 points; and 9) bet his teammate DeShawn Stevenson $20,000 that he could make more one-handed three-pointers than Stevenson could make two (Arenas won the bet).

Anyway, these items are taken from actual news reports ...

Rip Hamilton's protective facemask sliced open his face, requiring three stitches.

Carmelo Anthony admitted that he has Barry Manilow's "Mandy" on his iPod.

During his first game in the NBA, Tyrus Thomas had his nose broken by James Posey.

Magic rookie James Augustine accidentally washed his pants with $300 and a cellphone in the pocket.

Damon Jones had T-shirts printed up that read "4.8," the time remaining on the clock when he hit a first-round game-winner during the '06 Playoffs.

Hawks coach Mike Woodson admitted he's "a big Diet Coke guy."

One of the Cavs in-arena announcers won $247,000 on Deal Or No Deal.

Someone in China someone attempted to register a line of women's sanitary products and disposable underwear in Yao Ming's name.

During "Fear The Fro" night in Chicago, the Rev. Jesse Jackson donned a Ben Wallace giveaway afro.

The Utah Jazz sold the naming rights to their arena to a company that disposes of nuclear waste.

Stephon Marbury gave a free pair of basketball shoes to every high school varsity basketball player in New York City.

Shawn Marion admitted to liking cartoons so much that he was spending time tracking down DVDs of She-Ra, The Pirates of Dark Water and The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo.


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