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Needs for each team with draft, free agency looming

Posted: Thursday June 21, 2007 1:04PM; Updated: Thursday June 21, 2007 3:59PM
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Team Needs
1. PG: Speedy Claxton is injury-prone and better suited as a backup.
2. C: They could use a defensive presence to complement Zaza Pachulia.
3. PF: Shelden Williams isn't enough of a scoring threat at the 4.
1. C: Kendrick Perkins is making progress, but he's not the answer yet.
2. PG: They need a QB and playmaker who can also defend at the top.
3. SF: Wally Szczerbiak is coming off injury and Gerald Green is still raw.
1. SF: They need insurance in case Gerald Wallace leaves as a free agent.
2. SG: Even if Matt Carroll re-signs, they could use help here.
3. C: Emeka Okafor could slide back to his natural power forward spot.
1. PF: P.J. Brown is a free agent and they desperately need a low-post scorer.
2. PG: Kirk Hinrich isn't a true point guard and Chris Duhon is on the block.
3. C: It's not too early to start grooming a replacement for Ben Wallace.
1. PG: Larry Hughes and Daniel Gibson need a pure QB as a backup.
2. PF: They could use insurance in case Anderson Varejao leaves as a free agent.
3. SG: Sasha Pavlovic is a restricted free agent; Hughes may have to play point.
1. SG: Jerry Stackhouse is a free agent and they could use another shooter.
2. C: Their playoff debacle points out a glaring need for a low-post scorer.
3. PF: Dirk Nowitzki could use a backup with some muscle and toughness.
1. PG: Steve Blake is a free agent and Allen Iverson is better off the ball.
2. SG: They could use another shooter, especially if AI has to play the point.
3. C: Marcus Camby is injury-prone and getting up there in age (33).
1. C: Chris Webber is a free agent and they could use more help down low.
2. PG: Even if Chauncey Billups re-signs, they need a backup.
3. PF: Rasheed Wallace might have finally worn out his welcome in Motown.
1. PF/C: They could use a more physical presence to go with Andris Biedrins.
2. SF: If Matt Barnes departs via free agency, depth here could be a concern.
3. PG: With Baron Davis' injury history, a reliable backup might be a good idea.
1. PF: Even if they re-sign Chuck Hayes, they still need a more athletic 4.
2. PG: Are recently acquired Mike James and Rafer Alston the answer?
3. C: Yao Ming could use a backup if Dikembe Mutombo isn't re-signed.
1. PG: It's time to wave goodbye to the injury-prone Jamaal Tinsley.
2. SG: Mike Dunleavy started here late in the season.
3. C: If they decide to trade Jermaine O'Neal, this becomes a top priority.
1. PG: Starter Sam Cassell is 37; Shaun Livingston (knee) may miss the season.
2. C/PF: They could use another big body to help Elton Brand and Chris Kaman.
3. SF: Corey Maggette might be traded and Tim Thomas is erratic.
1. PG: Phil Jackson would love a big guard who can also thrive in the triangle.
2. SF: Luke Walton is a free agent and Vladimir Radmanovic has been a bust.
3. C: Will the Lakers deal Andrew Bynum to get immediate help for Kobe?
1. C: Pau Gasol would love to slide back to his natural power forward spot.
2. PG: Chucky Atkins is a free agent and Damon Stoudamire is gimpy.
3. PF: Hakim Warrick could use some help, especially if Gasol stays at center.
1. SF: James Posey is a free agent and they need to get more athletic.
2. PG: Jason Williams/Gary Payton combo wasn't all that effective last season.
3. C: They might want to start grooming a replacement for Shaq and 'Zo.


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