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Rare misstep (cont.)

Posted: Monday July 2, 2007 12:15PM; Updated: Monday July 2, 2007 4:42PM
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Trippin' On E(Mail)

Robert Griffith (right) refused to quit even as his Vikings were going down 41-0 in the 2000 NFC Championship Game.
Robert Griffith (right) refused to quit even as his Vikings were going down 41-0 in the 2000 NFC Championship Game.
Billy Robin McFarland/WireImage
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Excellent story on one of my all time favorite players -- Robert Griffith. As a Vikings fan, I have long told people that there were only two players who never quit in the '98 game. Both were named Robert -- one surnamed Griffith and the other Smith. If I owned a team, I snatch up Griff in a second to teach my young players how to play for 60 minutes.

-- Gary Cliff, Marion, Iowa

I think you mean the 2000 NFC Championship Game. In the '98 game, the Vikings didn't quit until Morten Andersen's kick sailed through the uprights in overtime.

Back in 1992, when Robert Griffith was playing for San Diego State, he purchased an old Ford Mustang from me. He did not have the full $2,200 we agreed to at the time and asked if he could pay the last $200 a month later. I had doubts as to whether I would see him again, I am ashamed to say. He called one week later and asked if it would be okay if he brought the money over. I thought he was too small to play in the NFL, and he proved me wrong about that, too. I am a HUGE Robert Griffith fan. Sports needs many more like him. I hope he gets another chance.

-- Doug Pence, San Diego

Griff was short on cash while playing for the Aztecs? Where were Reggie Bush's parents and their sports-management friends when we needed them?

Hey, David Chase, about that Sopranos ending -- I really thought': Best response to the Sopranos finale I've read. I sort of liked the finale. My wife hated it. BTW, tell Mr. Griffith he's welcome to sign on with Da Bears, especially if he can convince Lance Briggs to suit up before Week 10. If not, does he happen to know any good linebackers? Keep up the great work.

-- Corey Goettsche, Lincoln, Neb.

Thanks, but don't hold your breath on Briggs. As for the Sopranos, my wife hated the ending, too.

Michelle Wie win? Maybe endorsements. Tournaments? Nah. What is your timeline? Winner buys dinner? Maybe if you are sentenced to attend a football game in Jacksonville (yes, I know your feelings for J'ville) we can settle the bet!

-- Mike Zambetti from Jacksonville, Fla.

How about this: I'll bet you Wie wins a major before Jacksonville hosts another Super Bowl.

Why waste space on Michelle Wie? Are you going to cover the WNBA next? Another 'sport' nobody cares about. Michelle Wie is no Lorena Ochoa. TAKE IT TO THE BANK.

-- Vic Murillo, San Diego

So women's golf is not really a sport, but Lorena Ochoa is really awesome? Uh, moving right along...

Hi Michael. Enjoy your column. Unfortunately, I don't think you've preempted all of the e-mails related to your Little League celebration. I think it's great that you make use of your space to honor the team's achievement. But I do question its placement within the column. I know 'do some shots' is your weekly schtick, but it seems odd to juxtapose Little League with tequila shooting. (Unless, of course, Don Julio Silver is a Little League corporate sponsor.)

-- Jerry Kelly, Vienna, W.V.

Upon further review, maybe I should've gone with Near Beer, though the Bad News Bears might argue that point. Either way, I'm sure you'll be pleased to learn that Tecate is the unofficial beverage of Cal softball supporters.

Don't kid yourself... long-time SI.com readers like me love that personal stuff. I still remember (Peter) King articles about his daughter's Lady Mountie games. It humanizes you guys and pulls us in. And you know it... Kudos to your Nationals. And we'll keep reading!

-- Joe Donovan, Northville, Mich.

Thanks, I appreciate the license -- especially with my youngest child set to make his U-6 soccer debut in but a few months.

Michael, we've had our back and forth on the issues.... I still believe in Al Davis and that Portland, Maine, is in fact the center of the universe..... but as the father of a talented four-year-old future little league baseball player, go ahead and talk about your son in your column any time you damn well feel like it, because that is what Bring on the Weekend really stands for! I'll resume ripping you and your columns next week.

-- Kevin Montminy, Portland

Please do, but I must warn you: That first tee-ball season is going to soften you up like a ham Italian at Amato's.

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