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Rank and file (cont.)

Posted: Friday July 6, 2007 5:12PM; Updated: Friday July 6, 2007 5:12PM
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In keeping a small-market team playoff-worthy and by investing in the community, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver has the support of everyone from fans to the mayor.
In keeping a small-market team playoff-worthy and by investing in the community, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver has the support of everyone from fans to the mayor.
Al Messerschmidt/WireImage.com
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Wow. First of all, Mr. Mayor, I appreciate your insight into Mr. Weaver's positive qualities, and I commend you for being one of the few dissenters from your fine city who showed such admirable restraint. However, I'm a bit surprised that you took the time to concern yourself with my owner rankings, when clearly there are more pressing issuesto which your attention might be devoted.

"Why am I not surprsised a SoCal snob lists all the small market teams last. I guess you really have something to whine and cry about since you're sitting in SoCal without a NFL team. They should really let you just whine instead of writing this opinionated garbage. Nice to see you're as unbiased as ever! Jack@%$"
-- Andrew from Jacksonville

Sir, that is a complete misrepresentation. I am, most decidedly, a NoCal snob.

"Wayne Weaver. I'm sure you're hearing from all 7 of us Hickville Jaguar fans. I agree and disagree with his ranking. Agree that he is on the bottom end of the totem pole, but disagree with your reason given. At this point 'Whine' Weaver is just fighting to make sure his team remains competitive. I commend him for that. The problem is that he would have to fighting so hard if he had been a better owner over the past 12 seasons. There must be some problem with ownership when a city that once upon a time set USFL attendance records can't regularly sell out NFL games. Weaver made too many mistakes in the team's infancy that he's still paying for today. I hope you're wrong. I'd be devastated if we lost the Jags to Los Angeles, but unless Weaver gets some of the financial support he's 'whining' for, you'll probably be correct because unfortunately too many of those inside the 9,500 mile radius feel the same as those outside of it."
-- David from Jacksonville

Hey, it's nice to hear from at least one of them. Surely the good people of Pittsburgh will be similarly measured in their opposition ...

"Rooney at 9 is a joke. I love Cowher, but not for the kind of money he wanted. They did Cowher plenty of favors like keeping him around during several losing seasons ('99 and 2000 come to mind). Unlike you and Dan Synder, Rooney sees the 'big picture.' A team isn't about one player or coach. A team is built through the draft. It is about consistent championship level football. You put Kraft at one, he did all his 'magic' with a late round draft pick in Tom Brady. He had no clue that Brady would turn into a future HOF. When Brady retires, then we'll see how great Kraft is as an owner. As for your email comment about the line coach, give me a break!!! Mistakes are made and when they are honest mistakes, I'm glad Rooney handled it internally. Let's ruin an entire guy's career after he already embarassed himself. I'm sure glad they include a picture of you, I always wanted to know what a fool looks like."
-- Kevin from Pittsburgh

Just one question: Why do you care how much money the owner is paying the coach? As a fan, don't you merely want the best coach available?

"Regarding Rooney -- I was ready for you to rank him lower than you did. Any owner who lets a Super Bowl team bite the dust the way he did ... well, there are no words. Shame on Cowher too."
-- Cheryl from Pittsburgh

Vaya con Dios, Cheryl.


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