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Posted: Friday January 26, 2007 11:48AM; Updated: Sunday January 28, 2007 3:05PM
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Super Bowl Tickets
These tickets are in high demand.
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You have Super Bowl tickets. Which of these offers (which are currently on Craigslist) would make you trade them?
A car
Condo in Hawaii for a week (with airfare)
Time share in Caribbean
New 50 inch plasma HDTV
VIP membership to a strip club
I wouldn't trade them
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As we noted in Thursday's 10 Spot, 'tis the season for outlandish offers for Super Bowl tickets. We took the liberty of scouring craigslist (in Chicago, Indianapolis and Miami) for all the latest proposals. Here's a primer on what appear to be the guiding principles if you want to land some coveted Super Bowl seats:

1. Sex sells: Doesn't it always? One young woman calling herself "Miami bound girl" is offering what she coyly bills as "Indecent Proposal: a night with ME for SuperBowl Tickets." (OK, that's not really coy.) She says that she wants tickets to surprise her fiancé, and stresses that she is "not selling sex!" Then again, she adds hopefully: "Hell, if I am drunk enough ... and you are cute enough ... maybe we will hit it off and be romantic." Don't worry, fellas, there's a picture included. The only catch is that this has to be a "secret" because her fiancé "would be upset if he knew how I got the tickets." Don't worry, we'll keep this just between us.

2. Is that a ticket in my pocket, or am I just glad to see you?: While "Miami-bound girl" is willing to trade companionship for tickets, at least two gentlemen (?) are hoping to do the reverse. One sums up his situation succinctly: "Here's the deal. I'm a 21-year-old guy that lives in Miami. I had 2 tickets and a girlfriend. Now I only have 2 tickets." Ladies, be forewarned; he's only looking for a "BEAUTIFUL, HOT GIRL." On the plus side, he has no criminal record, "not even a speeding ticket." A second fellow recently broke up with his fiancée (let's hope it wasn't "Miami-bound girl"!) and already has his tickets, plane tickets and hotel -- but, alas, no date. He's hoping that "another young lady" can take her place. Evidently, you'll have to check whether he has a record on your own.

3. Selling skin: Specifically, the skin on the swollen belly of a pregnant woman for advertising purposes. Bears fan Jennifer Gordon made such an offer -- but no Colts ads, please -- in a craiglist ad posted on Monday with the catchy headline: "My Body for your Super Bowl tickets." (She's a PR manager, natch.) Gordon's ad drew some 45 inquiries through Wednesday and was picked up by the Chicago Sun-Times. It also seems to have inspired a copycat, a woman offering a "Pregnant belly for advertising" in exchange for three (why not?) Super Bowl tickets. She says she's willing to put an ad on her stretch-mark free, 30-week-pregnant belly because her husband and dad are huge Bears fans, though she will consider "any advertising including the Colts." Sellout! Given these proposals, though, offers by guys to advertise on a bald head or by painting a body waist-up or even with a "permanent" tattoo might not get the desired attention.

4. Selling more skin: One unnamed chap (we assume it's a he) is willing to trade his lifetime gold VIP membership at a Wisconsin strip club for two tickets. He claims the membership is worth $1,000 a year, though it's unclear how many trips one has to make to reach that "value." We recommend, though, that this gentleman also place his ad on the NFL Players Association site to reach the ideal target audience, i.e. guys who both have Super Bowl tickets and love strip clubs.

5. Old-fashioned barter: Do you need $5,000 of dental work or, perhaps, Invisalign braces for you and four friends? Would you like a cement driveway installed? Have a hankering for a professional fireworks display? How about a high-def videographer for your wedding, or a DJ for said nuptials? Need some plumbing done, or a general contractor? Selling your home? There's not one but two offers from real-estate agents to take care of that on the arm. All you need to give in exchange for any of these freebies, of course, is a pair of Super Bowl tickets. If goods rather than services tickle your fancy, you might be interested in a 2001 Mitsibushi Galant (two tickets) or a used car or truck of your choice from a car dealer (up to $15,000 in value for four seats) or a new 50" plasma HDTV (for two seats).


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