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Posted: Tuesday February 6, 2007 10:10AM; Updated: Tuesday February 6, 2007 10:10AM
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Peyton Manning
A Super Bowl ring and a cadillac -- it's been a good run for Peyton Manning.
Rodrigo Varela/WireImage.com
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1. Despite winning the Super Bowl MVP award, Peyton Manning declined to do the traditional "I'm going to Disney World" commercial. Good for him. Why should Peyton sell out now?

2. More than 20,000 Colts fans welcomed the team home on Monday after its Super Bowl triumph. The city originally hoped for a 21-gun salute, but the Pacers couldn't make it.

3. The Super Bowl was the third most-watched program in television history. Sorry, Rex.

5. The NFL tried to do its part for global warming by planting more than 3,000 trees in south Florida to offset the Super Bowl's carbon emissions. In addition, Rex Grossman helped by not using any oxygen for his brain.

5. MMQB Note of the Week: Peter King's weekly magnum opus is typically the most popular feature on SI.com, but perhaps some readers don't have time to make it the whole way through on Monday. If that's the case this week, be sure to get back in there until you reach 7 (b) in the 10 Things That Peter Thinks He Thinks. That's where PK reports that Grossman's dad sent flowers to the hotel room of Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti, a close personal friend of Ozzie Guillen and inveterate ripper of sports figures, this week in Miami. The flowers were to sarcastically "thank" Mariotti for all his support of Rex this season, including this gem after Grossman's lousy performance in the season finale against the Packers: "To say he looked like a deer in headlights would be to insult the deer." Ouch. Of course, from the perspective of Mr. Grossman, this is one of those "gotcha" moves that sounds brilliant in theory but rarely works out well in practice, kind of like Jerry heckling the heckler in her office on Seinfeld. Plus, the move would have seemed a lot slicker in retrospect if Rex didn't start throwing jump balls during the Super Bowl.

6. Charles Barkley says he won $700,000 in Las Vegas over the weekend. Unfortunately, he also lost $2 million.

7. Alex Rodriguez is writing a children's book. He hopes to teach kids the vital lesson that it's not whether you win or lose, but how much you get paid to play the game.

8. Soccer fans may be barred from stadiums in Italy unless security is improved after recent crowd violence. If necessary, Italian authorities are prepared to follow through on the ultimate threat -- force the fans to watch MLS games.

9. Keep your shirt on: The Portuguese coach of Egyptian soccer team Al Ahli has apologized for beginning a striptease in protest of a referee's call last Friday. When Manual Jose disagreed when one of his players received a yellow card, he promptly took off his jacket and began to unbutton his shirt. The ref then tossed Jose, but that didn't end the controversy. Middle Eastern countries, as you might have heard, often frown on undressing in public. The coach was blasted in the media and by fans. Said Jose in his apology posted on the team's Web site, "I forgot at that moment that I was in a country whose traditions are a little bit different than my country." Too true. In Portugal, Jose's disrobing would have been classified under harmless tomfoolery.

10. World cruiserweight champion O'Neil Bell was arrested over the weekend for allegedly throwing a hatchet at his sparring partner. Even Mike Tyson said, "Man, that's crazy!"