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Posted: Monday April 2, 2007 9:50AM; Updated: Monday April 2, 2007 11:54AM
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Donald Trump delivers the close shave to Vince McMahon.
Donald Trump delivers the close shave to Vince McMahon.
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1. Donald Trump's wrestler won his match against Vince McMahon's guy in Sunday night's Wrestlemania 23, meaning Trump didn't have to shave his hair. That's great news to the homeless family that's been living there.

2. Ohio State and Florida will meet in tonight's college championship game. Wait a second, how long have I been asleep?

3. The Buckeyes and Gators, of course, met for the BCS title game in January, with Florida routing favored Ohio State. This time it's the Buckeyes who are playing the underdog role against the defending champion Gators. Ohio State really thinks it can make history. OSU center Greg Oden says a championship would be something he could brag about to his grandkids -- next week.

4. One trend that favors the Gators, though, is that this year's tournament hasn't been kind to Cinderellas. In fact, the mid-majors were eliminated so quickly that Billy Packer didn't even get a chance to ridicule them.

5. With 13 games on tap Monday after Sunday night's Mets victory over the defending champion Cardinals, it's finally time for Opening Day. Or, as it's also known, Year Two of George Mitchell's steroids "investigation."

6. Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers will be out until July after doctors removed what they called a blood clot. Curiously, Rogers continues to insist it was just a clump of dirt. (Thanks to Tom of Madison Heights, Mich., for inspiring that punch line.)

7. What goes up: There are few feelings more satisfying on a basketball court than flinging the ball to the rafters to waste the final seconds of a big victory. It's very important, though, not to use the maneuver too soon. That's the hard lesson learned Friday night by the Wizards' Michael Ruffin. Ruffin intercepted a long inbounds pass by the Raptors with 1.1 seconds left and Washington up by three points. He decided to throw the ball in the air to kill the clock and simultaneously exult. Alas, Ruffin didn't have a good grip and the ball didn't gain the altitude he hoped for. Instead, it came down in the arms of the Raptors' Mo Peterson, who promptly beat the buzzer with a 3-pointer to tie the score and send the game to overtime, with Toronto eventually winning by five. Ouch. 10 Spot reader Janice of Palo Alto, Calif., wants to know if there's any truth to the rumor that when Ruffin threw the ball in the air, he shouted: "Mission Accomplished!"

8. Pacman Jones' attorney says the player will vigorously fight any punishment that the league tries to impose for his off-field actions. To finance the effort, Jones will dip into his make-it-rainy-day fund.

9. Exiled running back Ricky Williams has begun the process to seek reinstatement from the NFL. Am I the only one feeling nostalgic for the days when the league's "troublemakers" just smoked a little dope?

10. Exhibit No. 276 that nobody should listen to what I say: Just one day after writing a 10 Spot that mocked Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens for the umpteenth time, I actually bought both players at auction in my NL-only fantasy league, the Philadelphia-based Taco Liberty Bell League. I still can't explain why, except that for some reason I seemed compelled to reunite the 1995 All-Star Team (I also own John Smoltz and Greg Maddux). And yes, I'm all too aware that Clemens isn't even pitching yet and is probably more likely to sign with the Yankees or Red Sox than the NL's Astros, and thus be useless to me. But I just couldn't help myself. So while by day I will still rack my addled brain to come up with the 111th slightly different way to deliver the punch line, "Barry Bonds has a big head," by night I'll actually be rooting for the big lug. Unless he's batting against Clemens, of course.