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Posted: Monday April 16, 2007 9:52AM; Updated: Monday April 16, 2007 9:52AM
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Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi
Andre, be careful with those rackets!
Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com
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1. Steffi Graf needed three stitches Sunday after husband Andre Agassi accidentally hit her in the face with his racket at a fundraiser. Agassi's first move was to comfort his wife. His second was to call the housekeeper so she could open up the sofa bed.

2. The big national news story is the powerful Nor'easter that postponed six MLB games and other major sporting events on Sunday. Of course, the storm wasn't even as strong as the average Sou-wester, but the East Coast media will never tell you that.

3. Wind and rain is expected to slow Monday's Boston Marathon. Oh, that and the bizarre need to run 26 miles.

4. Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin was arrested late Saturday night for refusing to pull his low-riding pants up in a nightclub. Griffin insists there's a crack in the police's case.

5. Taxes are due on Tuesday. It's always interesting to hear how some sports teams handle their tax liabilities. The Titans, for example, deducted Pacman Jones.

6. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier says that the state shouldn't fly the controversial Confederate flag at its Statehouse. Spurrier believes that inciting people should be his job.

7. Lil' Romeo update: A few weeks back, the 10 Spot discussed the high school basketball career of Percy "Lil' Romeo" Miller, son of Master P. Now Lil' Romeo has become USC's second-most-famous basketball recruit after O.J. Mayo. Miller, who's finishing his junior year at Beverly Hills High, reportedly committed to the Trojans on Friday. It may have helped the 6-foot Miller that he appears to be something of a package deal with 6-6 swingman Demar Derozan of Compton (Calif.) Dominguez High. Derozan, one of the top-ranked players on the West Coast, is Lil' Romeo's best friend and plays AAU ball for his dad's P. Miller Ballers in the spring and summer. Now the question is whether Mayo, who will be a freshman next season while Miller finishes high school, will still be around for Romeo's debut as a Trojan. As the 8-ball might say, all signs point to no.

8. Chicago has been selected as the U.S. bidder to host the 2016 Olympics. Well, sure, the city will absolutely pack the stands for amateur athletics. Just look at the Cubs.

9. Reader submission from Karl of Clive, Iowa: "Bode Miller announced that he's done skiing in the Olympics. I thought that was obvious to everyone who saw him at the 2006 Games."

10. The Eagles accidentally paid running back Brian Westbrook an extra $3 million last season. It was the team's biggest waste of money since signing Terrell Owens.