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Posted: Thursday April 19, 2007 10:16AM; Updated: Thursday April 19, 2007 11:09AM
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Matt Leinart
Is it time for Matt Leinart to slow down?
Arnold Turner/WireImage.com
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1. Arizona speed-control cameras have caught Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart going over the legal limit four times this offseason, including three times in March alone. Coupled with Leinart's dalliances with the likes of Paris Hilton, authorities are charging him with being a cliché. (Fast cars, check ...)

2. White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle threw a no-hitter against the Rangers on Wednesday night. It was the team's first no-no since the last time Ozzie Guillen opened his mouth.

3. An NCAA panel has backed a rule that would forbid coaches from sending text messages to recruits. Fortunately, TV anchorwomen are still fair game.

4. Keeping in touch: The saga of Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt, chronicled a while back by my officemate Stewart Mandel, just keeps getting, well, nuttier. On Tuesday, the coach felt compelled to issue an open letter to defend himself from Internet rumors. At issue, among other things, is the more than 1,000 text messages he sent to a female news anchor over a six-week period near the end of last season. One message was sent just 19 minutes before the Razorbacks kicked off in the Capitol One Bowl. (Some Razorback fans obtained the records of Nutt's school-owned cell phone through a Freedom of Information request.) Shockingly, some uncharitable skeptics have leapt to the conclusion that the married Nutt was up to no good with the comely anchor, which the coach calls "unfounded gossip."

Really, he should be spinning this better. If Nutt's account that the correspondence was completely appropriate is true, we might just have a new world record for a game of phone (or text-message) tag. ("R U there?" "I'm back LOL. U there?") Think about it; how do you send 1,000 text messages to anyone in a six-week stretch, for whatever reason? That's some nimble fingers. Maybe Nutt could even beat out this 16-year-old Singaporean. Plus, if many media members gripe at Alabama coach Nick Saban for being unavailable, shouldn't Nutt be lionized for his unprecedented willingness to stay in touch with someone from the Fourth Estate? The man's a hero, I say.

5. Ohio State's basketball players will coach the football spring game this Saturday. That raises the question of which college football coach looks the oldest -- Joe Paterno, Bobby Bowden or Greg Oden?

6. The owner of the Sonics says that the team will likely move after next season. That's good news to cities hoping to land a legitimate NBA franchise, like New York.

7. Idea of the week: We don't write about tennis much here at the 10 Spot except occasionally to snark about how few people watch it anymore (i.e. the "NHL treatment"), but an item from SI.com's L. Jon Wertheim's latest caught our eye. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will meet on May 2 in Majorca on a court that will be half grass and half clay. Federer, of course, is the sport's reigning force, but Nadal has been just as dominant the last few years in the French Open and during the rest of the dwindling clay season. It's an intriguing, if gimmicky, effort to create a "neutral" surface. I think I'd actually watch this, or at least set the TiVo.

8. No charges will be filed against the St. Louis police officers who used World Series tickets that they seized from scalpers. Hey, at least they showed up -- unlike the Tigers.

9. Reader submission from Janice of Palo Alto, Calif.: "Many MLB teams honored Jackie Robinson this week by wearing No. 42. The Royals plan to do that one better, by commemorating Jackie's number as their 2007 win total."

10. Rumors continue to fly that the MLS's Galaxy is close to signing retired French star Zinedine Zidane. The Galaxy are especially enamored with Zidane's leadership ability. Sure, so long as he doesn't lead with his head.