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Hall of Fame handicapping (cont.)

Posted: Thursday February 1, 2007 12:14PM; Updated: Thursday February 1, 2007 12:56PM
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Ray Guy won three Super Bowls with the Raiders.
Ray Guy won three Super Bowls with the Raiders.
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5:1 -- Ray Guy, Gene Hickerson, Charlie Sanders. One of these three could get hot depending on the debate in the room. There's usually sentiment to select at least one of the senior committee candidates, which favors Hickerson and Sanders. My guess is Sanders has a better shot than Hickerson.

10:1 -- Andre Reed, Roger Wehrli. Reed seems like the third in the wideout pecking order, and his chances won't get better when Cris Carter comes into the fray next year... Not much momentum for Wehrli, from the talk among the voters. Watch the class be Reed, Wehrli and Hickerson. That's the kind of year this could be, an upset special.

Five Things I Think I Think

1. I think Thomas Jones had better have a good Super Bowl, and a good three or four NFL years left in him. He's got to feed his car habit. He brought his orange Ferrari Spider 360 to the team hotel near the airport to show it off. It's one of eight cars in his collection, and let's just say none of them are Hyundais. "My brother really likes cars,'' Julius Jones said.

2. I think Rex Grossman is to be congratulated for not losing his cool while spending three hours this week answering variations of the same question. No one asked it bluntly, but the basic premise was: "How does it feel to enter the Super Bowl with everyone thinking you stink?'' I just wonder what kind of volcano is building inside the poor guy.

3. I think the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce must have ordered up this day. Sorry to anyone who's reading this in frigid conditions, but this is ridiculous -- 77ish, wispy cumulus clouds this morning, a forecast high of 81 this afternoon. Other than sitting at a PowerBook G4 for five hours this morning, there's not much to complain about in my world. (Not that sitting at the computer is exactly heavy lifting.)

4. I think Peyton Manning is going to play really well Sunday night.

5. I think the one amazing thing about the first four days of Super Bowl Week is how little talk of Marvin Harrison there is leading up to the game. Here's a guy who's going to finish his career, barring injury, with 1,400 catches or so, and all the talk is Manning, Grossman, Urlacher -- even Dallas Clark. It'll be interesting to see how Harrison matches up against the good Chicago corners with the subpar Chicago safeties over the top. He could have an eight-catch, 164-yard game.

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