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More Mailbag

Posted: Tuesday March 20, 2007 12:14PM; Updated: Tuesday March 20, 2007 12:42PM
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Calvin Johnson could be the first receiver taken No. 1 overall since Keyshawn Johnson in 1996.
Calvin Johnson could be the first receiver taken No. 1 overall since Keyshawn Johnson in 1996.
Bill Frakes/SI
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CHANGE THE GAME CLOCK IN OVERTIME. From Brian of Stillwater, Okla.: "I agree with you that the NFL overtime system needs to be rethought. To me, however, the big problem isn't teams winning on the first possession, it is the lack of any meaningful game clock. How many times has a team made a nice play in OT to get the ball down to the 10-yard line only to take a knee in the middle of the field and kick a field goal? This is not what fans want. We want teams shooting for the end zone and defenses making goal line stands. I think the solution is simple: put some small amount of time on the clock (say, five minutes) and give each team two timeouts and let them go for the touchdown.

And so it goes. Thanks for your suggestions. Rich McKay and Jeff Fisher, the co-chairs of the Competition Committee, are both voracious readers, so I'm sure their eyes will read your ideas.

A few other interesting notes:

TEAMS THAT FORGET HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT. From Jake Higgins of Pensacola, Fla.: "Calvin Johnson going No. 1? Think back ... How many wide receivers went number one and became impact players in the NFL? In my opinion, wideouts today are the most fungible commodity in football. There is just not that big of difference between what you can get with a first round pick, and what you can get on the second day. Oakland, with so many holes to fill, would be wise to trade the pick.''

Agreed -- in theory. (Though I think running backs are the easiest commodities to find and replace.) And I would take the quarterback, JaMarcus Russell. It's been a while since I've heard such unanimity on any player in the draft. They all love Russell.

STILL TICKED OFF ABOUT THE NFL NETWORK. From Tom Wall of Chapel Hill, N.C.: "When the owners meet, will they address the dissatisfaction the NFL Network has created by not being on cable? From where I sit, almost all fans with cable are becoming disillusioned with the NFL Network and I suspect a correlation between games on the NFL Network and losing fans. They should allow widespread access for a few seasons before having the fans squeezed between the NFL and cable.''

Good point. I will ask Roger Goodell, or other league execs, about it in Phoenix.

ANOTHER GOOD IDEA THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. From Adam of Ocean Springs, Miss.: "What about two teams trading their problem children--the Raiders' Randy Moss for the Titans' Pacman Jones? The Raiders have never been afraid of a player with a bad background, and while Randy is no choir boy --big understatement -- he does not have the rap sheet of Jones.''

I actually like this idea quite a bit.

GOOD QUESTION. From Patrick Boyle Mechanicsburg, Pa.: "Where in the world is Mike Vanderjagt?''

I actually asked an Atlanta guy this question last week because the Falcons are one of three teams in the market for Olindo Mare. He said what I thought: He didn't trust Vanderjagt, and he didn't know how any team would right now after his Dallas meltdown last year. My guess is he'll be in some team's camp this year -- the losers in the Mare bidding, perhaps, or maybe the Saints, who just might think being in the dome again would give this skittish guy some sort of comfort zone.

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