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Monday Morning QB (cont.)

Posted: Monday April 9, 2007 7:59AM; Updated: Monday April 9, 2007 11:16AM
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Ten Things I Think I Think

The Browns and the Dolphins have reportedly talked to the Chiefs about quarterback Trent Green.
The Browns and the Dolphins have reportedly talked to the Chiefs about quarterback Trent Green.
Bob Rosato/SI
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1. I think Pacman Jones can give all the sympathetic interviews he wants to Deion Sanders, but it really won't matter in the mind of Roger Goodell. I still don't know exactly what Jones said to Sanders. The sound bites the NFL Network and ESPN used made Jones look completely and utterly guilty of everything except kidnapping the Lindbergh baby. (Did anyone prepare Jones for this interview? I mean, the man had no defense for anything he did wrong in the last three years other than he hung around with some bad people, which is the wimpiest defense for anything on God's green earth. In the clips I saw, it looked like Jones just rolled out of bed and said to Sanders, "Hey Primetime, make me look good, will you? Because I have no defense for being the idiot that I've been since I entered pro football.'')

2. I think the Chiefs need to get realistic about the price tag for Trent Green. The realistic price is not a first-day pick in the 2007 draft, because Green will be 37 this summer and he played poorly after returning from his concussion last year. No one has any idea what kind of player he is right now. The realistic cost is a conditional pick in the 2008 draft. Something centered around the number of starts and his performance in the 2007 season. Otherwise, I wouldn't give more than a fifth-round pick for him -- and if I were Carl Peterson, I'd want to roll the dice on Green at least semi-returning to form in 2007 and wait to try for a third-rounder in 2008.

3. I think a tip of the cap is in order for Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt, for taking time Saturday morning to join the "Pat's Run'' race in Tempe, Ariz. The race raises money for the Pat Tillman Foundation, and commemorating the fact that Tillman wore number 42 at Arizona State, goes for 4.2 miles and ends at the 42-yard line at Sun Devil Stadium. Whisenhunt finished in 37:14, but who's counting?

4. I think I'm not sure Olindo Mare will be worth a sixth-round pick, which New Orleans paid for him the other day; but at the end of the day, how big a price is the 199th pick in the draft, really? Oops. Pretty big. The 199th pick is the one New England used on Tom Brady seven years ago. But I would say this: Mare should be an effective and accurate kicker in the dome -- and the Saints will play 10 dome games next season. They'll play only two outdoor games in northern climates, Seattle and Chicago. I'd be surprised if Mare, who struggled last year with Miami, isn't at least an 80-percent field-goal kicker next year.

5 I think I like David Carr's choice to join Carolina, for a couple of reasons. He'll have a good, solid year of learning with a good head coach, John Fox, and behind a excellent mentor-type quarterback in Jake Delhomme. Carr could have gone elsewhere to play earlier, but it isn't always about playing early. It's more important to go to the right place, and even if the Panthers are awful this year and they consider changing coaching staffs, this is a better decision than to sign with a more transient organization like Oakland.


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