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The first round's good, bad and ugly

Dolphins mystify, while Bengals, Browns do very well

Posted: Saturday April 28, 2007 6:49PM; Updated: Saturday April 28, 2007 7:53PM
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The Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn to select receiver/returner Ted Ginn Jr. at No. 9.
The Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn to select receiver/returner Ted Ginn Jr. at No. 9.
Damian Strohmeyer/SI
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DETROIT -- Quickie review of the first round:

WEIRDEST PICK: Wideout/return man Ted Ginn Jr., No. 9 by Miami. I don't understand how the Dolphins try to upgrade on Wes Welker when there's a strong quarterback prospect, Brady Quinn, sitting there.

BEST VALUE PICK: Cornerback Leon Hall, No. 18 by Cincinnati. He's not the best cornerback anyone's ever seen, but he's the Eagle Scout type the Bengals had to have and he was the best corner on many teams' boards.

BEST EXAMPLE OF AN OWNER LEARNING HOW TO OWN: Washington's Dan Snyder refusing to mortgage the future and trade every pick of value in 2008, which is what he'd have had to do to get Calvin Johnson from the Lions. Smart. And LaRon Landry was the top defensive player on Washington's draft board.

THE "THEY'D BETTER KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING" PICK: The Patriots usually do, so you've got to look at the selection of the most troubled player in the first round, Miami safety Brandon Meriweather, and think they can keep him on the right path. "I'm not a thug,'' Meriweather said last week. "I'm not a bad guy.'' He fired three shots at an assailant last summer, then was a key stomper in that brutal Miami-Florida International brawl last fall.

PICK I LIKED THE MOST: Brady Quinn, No. 22 by the Browns, who had the guts to go get a guy they thought was the fourth or fifth player on their board -- trading their first-rounder in 2008 in the process. Risky, yes. But if you truly think you've got a quarterback of the future, and can get him for a relative song, you do it.

PICK I LIKED THE LEAST: Justin Harrell, No. 16, by Green Bay. Receiver, Green Bay. You need a receiver. Or two. Hope there's one you like left in round two. Or Randy Moss.

Five Things I Think I Think After Round One

1. I think I love the Cleveland-Dallas trade for the Cowboys too. As you'll learn in the next Monday Morning Quarterback, Dallas had a big victory here.

2. I think I spoke too soon this afternoon about the quickness of the first round. Six hours, eight minutes. Ugggggh. The longest in draft history.

3. I think Mike Martz is still doing backflips over getting Calvin Johnson on his team, right here in Detroit, just upstairs from where I'm watching the draft.

4. I think the Patriots did well getting a first-rounder from San Francisco in 2008 for the 28th overall pick this year. Really well. This was a first-round-poor draft. And next year, the Pats will have a higher pick, most likely.

5. I think I'd like to know what in the world happened to Alan Branch ... 33rd overall. Sheesh. While the world was focused on Quinn, Branch sank like a stone.