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Monday Morning QB (cont.)

Posted: Monday April 30, 2007 2:06AM; Updated: Monday April 30, 2007 9:57AM
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Brady Quinn was an option for the Browns at No. 3, but they ended up trading to get him at No. 22.
Brady Quinn was an option for the Browns at No. 3, but they ended up trading to get him at No. 22.
David Bergman/SI
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Savage called Jacksonville, which had the 17th pick. No. Right about then, Savage got wind of Baltimore also trying to deal up in the round to get Quinn. And he feared Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome would make a deal with one of his best buddies, Jags GM James Harris. But Harris had other ideas, dealing down four spots with Denver and picking up third- and sixth-round picks.

Savage didn't try Cincinnati at 18. "You think they'd ever trade with us?'' he said, chuckling. "I don't think so.'' Tennessee and the Giants, at 19 and 20, respectively, both said no. Next up was Jacksonville, which planned to make its new pick at 21. Another phone call. Another no.

Desperate minutes now. Savage knew Kansas City might be a logical team to just sit there at 23 to take Quinn. So the only team left was Dallas, at 22.

"I really didn't know Jerry Jones,'' Savage said. "We'd never done anything with the Cowboys. I'd seen him at league meetings, and I had a lot of respect for him, but there was no prior experience there.''

Savage offered Jones second- and third-round picks. Jones said no. End of call. Jones called back and asked for Cleveland's first-rounder in 2008, and Savage said he'd consider doing it -- but without adding anything else this year. Jones said no; he had to have a high pick this year. End of call.

"Now [the Cowboys] were on the clock, and I figured, 'This is a guy we really want,''' said Savage. "We've got to make our best offer now.''

Sort of. With the minutes ticking by, Savage offered next year's first-round and this year's third-round picks to Dallas. Nope, said Jones. It'll take next year's one and this year's two. Savage said he'd call right back.

Meanwhile, Jones told the Cowboys man at the draft in New York to write down the name of Purdue defensive end Anthony Spencer on a card and get it ready to turn in. "We had four guys very close in value right there,'' Jones said. (One other candidate there, I learned, was LSU wideout Dwayne Bowe.) "And I was determined that we would get one of them, unless we could get that Cleveland pick next year.''

With two minutes left in the period, Savage called. "We'll do it,'' he said. "Our two this year and next year's one.''

"Deal,'' Jones said.

Savage hung up the phone. There were about 30 people -- coaches, scouts, owner's family and friends -- in the Cleveland draft room, and when Savage said, "We got him!'' the place exploded. One of my HBO buddies, Jason Cohen, a Browns freak, texted me thusly: "Best day of Browns FB in 10 years!''


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