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Monday Morning QB (cont.)

Posted: Monday June 18, 2007 9:02AM; Updated: Monday June 18, 2007 12:24PM
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Ten Things I Think I Think

Brett Favre sat out of minicamp practices with shouder soreness but says there is no reason to be concerned about his health.
Brett Favre sat out of minicamp practices with shouder soreness but says there is no reason to be concerned about his health.
Mark A. Wallenfang/WireImage.com
Peter King will answer your questions each week in Monday Morning Quarterback: Tuesday Edition.
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1. I think one of the best ideas this league has had in a while is to gather all the team medics in one place to discuss concussions and head injuries -- which will occur in Chicago on Tuesday. It's good that the NFL isn't bringing in only the doctors who agree with the league's approach to treating head trauma. The league has also invited critics of the way head injuries and concussions are treated. I expect computerized baseline tests of brain function to soon become mandatory for all NFL players. "Safety comes first,'' commissioner Roger Goodell said to a group of sports editors in April. "At no time should competitive issues override medical issues.'' I think he honestly means it. On Tuesday, we'll start to find out for sure.

2. I think Brett Favre's sore shoulder means nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's June. He's been sore before, in a lot of different places, in the spring and summer.

3. I think the best story I've heard in a while is about a guy not forgetting where he was. In Saints camp on the last day of the offseason program, defensive end Charles Grant called over the club's vice president of communications, Greg Bensel, handed him a wad of $100 bills -- 20 to be exact -- and told him he wanted to buy lunch for all the women who work in the team offices. "Can you make it happen?'' Grant asked Bensel. He did, handing the $2,000 to GM Mickey Loomis' administrative assistant, who organized the luncheon field trip for the 20 women in the building. Way to remember where you came from, Charles.

4. I think, speaking of New Orleans, that even though our government continues to pretend that everything is fine there 20 months after Katrina, everything is decidedly not fine. And it's up to organizations like the Reggie White Foundation, with its Crescent Rising Program, to continue, brick by brick, the arduous process of rebuilding the town and its environs. Even in death, White is making a difference. This program is taking on the thankless job of efficient and safe home demolition, because there are thousands and houses that can't be properly rehabbed or rebuilt until the rotting timber and ruined guts are torn down. It's wonderful to build homes, obviously, but the first step in home rebuilding and home rehabbing is the very un-sexy job of demolition. I applaud the foundation for taking on this worthy project. The program launches Thursday in the city with its first 10 home demolitions. To help, visit www.crescentrising.com. (Cool Web site, by the way. Very slick.)

5. I think no one has any sympathy for Jets guard Pete Kendall's contract demands, which he stridently whined about the other day at a New York minicamp. He wants to renegotiate one year into a new four-year contract. If the Jets give in, they're fools.


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