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Monday Morning QB (cont.)

Posted: Monday June 18, 2007 9:02AM; Updated: Monday June 18, 2007 12:24PM
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The Bears plan to turn defensive back and return specialist Devin Hester into at least a part-time offensive player this season.
The Bears plan to turn defensive back and return specialist Devin Hester into at least a part-time offensive player this season.
Don Lansu/WireImage.com
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6. I think the interesting thing in reading the newspaper clips from May and June is this: Everyone's going 16-0 this year. All the offseason adjustments are working everywhere. One lone exception: a very good story by Neil Hayes in the Chicago Sun Times questioning the Bears' shift of Devin Hester from defense to offense, with some solid reporting and good quotes from the last man to play electrically both ways -- Roy Green.

7. I think Jeff Garcia said what I thought about his situation after he played so well down the stretch last season. "I felt personally snubbed,'' he told reporters at Donovan McNabb's charity golf tournament. Garcia still can't figure out why the Eagles didn't seriously try to sign him after he led the team to the playoffs. Neither can I.

8. I think -- uh-oh for San Francisco -- that Darrell Jackson is still hobbled by the same toe injury that caused him to miss so much practice and three games in Seattle last year. The Niners say he'll be ready for the July 29 start of training camp. I say I don't like the 49ers' depth at receiver. I don't like it at all.

9. I think the biggest risk I've heard about this spring is the Rams' decision to play first-round pick Adam Carriker as the run-stopper on their defensive line. After trading nose man Jimmy Kennedy to Denver, the Rams penciled in Carriker to play alongside La'Roi Glover inside on their 4-3 defense, with Leonard Little and James Hall (acquired from Detroit) as the ends. Carriker played at about 295 pounds at Nebraska, and he's up to 312, hoping to play the season at 310. Risky move, because Carriker's not a naturally wide-bodied run-stuffer. St. Louis has to hope he'll still retain the burst he showed at end with the Cornhuskers.

10. I think these are my non-football thoughts of the week

a. I know it's illegal to even imply this, but there's not a lot of better things to do in the world on a nice early-summer night than smoke a Cuban Cohiba, which I was lucky enough to be able to do the other night to celebrate 27 years of wedded bliss.

b. Who woke up Kaz Matsui? The guy's playing like Ichiro.

c. If I wanted to pick a young team in baseball to root for right now, I'd pick Colorado. What a great pack of young hitters.

d. Has Carlos Zambrano blown another gasket yet?

e. Good for the Spurs. They're the Patriots of the NBA -- militaristic coach ahead of the rest of the league, forward-thinking front office, players who check egos at the door.

f. Congrats on your third Vezina Trophy in the last five years, Martin Brodeur.

g. I'll be there, in a syndicate of six hockey-fan families, with season tickets to the new Devils arena in Newark starting next fall.

h. It's official: That orange marmalade cat on the last episode of The Sopranos was the star of the show. Brilliant call to include the feline.

i. Speaking of Monday-morning-quarterbacking the last show, David Chase knew exactly what he was doing in creating a show the world would alternately hate, tolerate and debate endlessly over the past week. And no, I do not believe Tony is dead. Isn't it a part of mob ethos that you don't whack a guy when he's out with his family?

j. In the coming years, we'll be talking about a Sopranos movie or one more season the way our big brothers and sisters talked about a Beatles reunion before John Lennon died.

k. Got a couple of assignments this week for SI, but MMQB is going on summer vacation, returning July 16. Try not to miss me as much as I'll miss you.

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