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Training camp postcard: Steelers

Posted: Saturday July 28, 2007 9:57PM; Updated: Monday July 30, 2007 10:20PM
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Where's Peter

Postcards From Camp
Pittsburgh Steelers
Latrobe, Pa.| July 28, 2007

Ben Roethlisberger will have more opportunity to change the play at the line under new offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.
Ben Roethlisberger will have more opportunity to change the play at the line under new offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.
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In Latrobe, at St. Vincent College in the Laurel Highlands of west-central Pennsylvania. This is where the Steelers have been coming every year for more than 40 years, and where you meet people like Brother Pat, a monk who's lived here for 60 years. The monks here do not speak from the time they finish dinner to breakfast the next morning, which means, among other things, it's hard to ask Ben Roethlisberger for his autograph on campus every evening.

Five Things I Think

1. I think the Steelers do not miss Joey Porter the player, because his impact declined in a 64-tackle season last year. But they'll miss Joey Porter the presence.

2. I think the draft choice likely to make the biggest early impact is LaMarr Woodley, the second-round outside linebacker from Michigan. Impressive-looking kid. Steelers think he'll play the run and rush the passer with equal skill. "He's the perfect outside linebacker for our system,'' defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau told me.

3. I think the one thing I took away from my chat with Roethlisberger on Saturday evening is he absolutely, positively refuses to make excuses about being so inconsistent last year. Which I think is really a good thing.

4. I think Mike Tomlin is still on trial with some of his players -- many of whom think the 15 two-a-days are excessive. And I also think he doesn't care what the players think.

5. I think the offense may be in the hands of a new man, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who takes over for Ken Whisenhunt. But life on offense here won't change much. "Don't kid yourself,'' Roethlisberger said. "We're still a smashmouth team.''

Did You Know ...

... that when the Steelers commuted the 2.5 miles from the college to Latrobe High School ib Friday night for their annual scrimmage and fireworks display for the locals, they boarded five yellow school buses, in uniform. Talk about back to the future. "It was great,'' Tomlin said. "Like going back in time, like playing for Walnut Heights High in All the Right Moves.''

Insider Fantasy Tip

Not a lot of surprises here. Arians is making the offense more Roethlisberger-friendly -- that is, Big Ben will have more chances to change the play at the line than he's had, and he'll be freer to change formations. The buzz here is he's going to throw downfield more than last year, which means you probably should not allow Santonio Holmes to drift very far down the board in your draft. Amazing stat from last year that shows how underused Holmes was: Until catching the game-winner in overtime of Bill Cowher's last game last season, Holmes had the grand total of one touchdown catch and zero 100-yard games all season.

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