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Britney, who?

Ten memorable media moments and stories from '07

Posted: Thursday December 20, 2007 12:50PM; Updated: Thursday December 20, 2007 4:27PM
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One can only imagine what ESPN's Mike Patrick thought of Britney's infamous perforance at the VMAs.
One can only imagine what ESPN's Mike Patrick thought of Britney's infamous perforance at the VMAs.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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(From Mike Patrick daydreaming about Britney Spears to Suzyn Waldman hyperventilating over Roger Clemens to Stephon Marbury seemingly forgetting he was on live television, it's been memorable year in the sports media. Below, we look at 10 of the more interesting moments).

1. It was arguably the most bizarre moment in the most bizarre college football season ever: ESPN announcer Mike Patrick interrupted coverage of the overtime action between Georgia and Alabama on Sept. 22 to ask partner Todd Blackledge an important question: "What is Britney doing with her life?" Blackledge's incredulous response ("Britney who?....Why do we care at this point?") was priceless. The clip has since been viewed on YouTube more than 430,000 times. Later explaining his Spears daydreaming, Patrick told USA Today: "I have a weird sense of humor and thought this was funny." Only to Kevin Federline, Mike. Leave Britney alone!.

2. As a talk-show host, Stephon Marbury made Magic Johnson look like Tim Russert. The first episode (featuring guest Kobe Bryant) of his Stars on Stars interview show on Fox Sports Net debuted in March and drew 75,000 viewers, a 0.1 rating, and more softballs than a Sunday afternoon beer league. But Marbury was just getting started. He added a new level of absurdist theater as a guest with New York's WNBC-TV: Marbury took a cell phone call during a live, rambling interview ("I'm sorry. That's my better half. That's my better 'ho. My better half, my wife."), attempted to teach anchor Bruce Beck how to dance while the broadcaster was reading highlights, and generally appeared about a three-point jumper away from the funny farm.

3. They'll be playing Yankee broadcaster Suzyn Waldman's hyperventilating call on WCBS-AM of Roger Clemens' return to baseball ("Oh, my goodness gracious. Of all the dramatic things, of all the dramatic things I've ever seen, Roger Clemens standing right in George Steinbrenner's box announcing he is back!") long everyone reading this has left the earth.

4. Sure, it was ear-splitting and homerism to the highest degree, but the audio of Appalachian ISP Sports Network broadcasters David Jackson and Steve Brown going delirious after Corey Lynch blocked Michigan's field-goal attempt never gets old. Jackson has called Appalachian State games for the past eight seasons (he's an associate athletics director at the school) and color man Brown is a former quarterback for the Mountaineers. "I'm the Appalachian State broadcaster and that gives me full right to be a homer," Jackson told SI.com in August. "

5. ESPN's Who's Now promotion drew Andre The Giant-sized criticism from mainstream types such as Peter King ("Silly, silly stuff") as well as the watchdogs in the blogosphere ("Soul-crushingly lame," cried Deadspin). Once again, it's worth noting that there are plenty of talented people behind even the lamest ideas and the producers at ESPN are some of the best in the business. But SportsCenter should not be ceded to the likes of the promotionally-drunk Jessica Biel and Kevin James. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict Tiger Woods won't have to defend this title next year.

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