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Ex-nanny backs Clemens' story

Posted: Thursday February 14, 2008 11:07AM; Updated: Thursday February 14, 2008 11:07AM
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The woman who worked as Roger Clemens' nanny and was a focus point of Wednesday's Congressional hearings told a Houston TV station that Clemens was not at Jose Canseco's house party in 1998, as alleged by Brian McNamee.

The woman, who refused to be identified, told KPRC Local 2, "No, he wasn't. He wasn't. I was there with his little ones and he wasn't and that's what I told. I told the truth. If I have to swear on the Bible or whatever, he wasn't in there."


In the Mitchell Report, McNamee claimed that the party was where Clemens and Canseco first discussed steroids. Clemens claimed he was playing golf that day.

"Mr. Clemens is a good guy. I can not believe he's going through all this stuff," she told the TV station. "He's a wonderful man."