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Posted: Tuesday July 1, 2008 9:40AM; Updated: Wednesday July 2, 2008 8:34AM

Q&A with Derek Jeter

Story Highlights
  • Jeter says you shouldn't believe everything you read
  • He also dispels a couple of off-the-field rumors
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Derek Jeter adheres to the Yankees' rule about facial hair.
Derek Jeter adheres to the Yankees' rule about facial hair.
Courtesy of Gillette
Jimmy Traina's Mailbag
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By Jimmy Traina,

On Monday, Gillette announced Derek Jeter has joined their latest "Champions" campaign. The four-time World Series champion sat down with's Jimmy Traina after the event for the following Q&A. Now that you're Gillette's newest spokesperson, will you be able to get free products and give them to Jason Giambi?

Jeter: [Laughing] You know, the Yankees have strict rules. You can have a mustache but no other facial hair. But I can give him some stuff. That would be kinda fun when he decides to shave it off. But he's been hitting pretty good with the mustache, so I can't see him shaving it off any time soon. Speaking of Giambi, I have to ask: When was the last time you wore the thong?

Jeter: That story really took on a whole life of its own. I think Jason had done an interview years ago and it just popped up, but I haven't worn it. It's not a thing that people just go around wearing. Since we're doing this for, I have to ask if you're an Internet guy. Do you surf the Web a lot?

Jeter: Not really, man. That's too bad. You have a legendary reputation in the sports blogosphere thanks to your off-the-field , um, prowess, for lack of a better term.

Jeter: [Laughing] Prowess. That's a good one, Jim. Prowess. A lot of that reputation comes from stories in the New York Post's Page Six. When they have an item about you, how do you first hear about it? Do you read it yourself, does your mom call, do teammates inform you?

Jeter: Turn around. That's Jen. [Jeter points out a member of his PR staff.] She let's me know. She gets calls at the office all the time. But don't believe everything you read. Please don't believe it. And don't say anything bad about Page Six because they're already on me, man. Well, they had a couple of recent items that were interesting. They said you were hanging out with Friday Night Lights star, Minka Kelly.

Jeter: Hanging out? What does that mean, though? [According to the papers] I've hung out and dated people I've never even met before. There was also this funny story about something that happened in Miami.

Jeter: The parking? That was all made up, man. All made up. Really? We had a lot of fun with that story.

Jeter: [Laughing] So did my sister. She had a blast with that one. What was the last movie you saw in the theatres?

Jeter: Strangers. Did you like it?

Jeter: It was all right.

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