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Medal Picks (cont.)

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G: He Chong, China
S: Qin Kai, China
B: Troy Dumais, U.S.
Dumais dived synchro for years with older brother Justin.

G: Sascha Klein, Germany
S: Zhou Luxin, China
B: Gleb Galperin, Russia
Galperin's victory spoiled China sweep at last year's worlds.

Synchronized springboard
G: Qin & Wang, China
S: Sautin & Kunakov, Russia
B: Robertson & Newbery, Australia
The 5' 5" Qin Kai is a hoops buff who roots for the Lakers.

Synchronized platform
G: Lin & Huo, China
S: Dobroskok & Galperin, Russia
B: Finchum & Boudia, U.S.
Thomas Finchum has grown 10 inches, to 6' 1", since '04 trials.

G: Guo Jingjing, China
S: Wu Minxia, China
B: Sharleen Stratton, Australia
Indiana University's Christina Loukas is a medal threat.

G: Chen Ruolin, China
S: Wang Xin, China
B: Paola Espinosa, Mexico
Final Games for U.S.'s Laura Wilkinson, '00 champ.

Synchronized springboard
G: Guo & Wu, China
S: Pakhalina & Pozdnyakova, Russia
B: Cole & Stratton, Australia
Guo Jingjing's dating life is always news in China.

Synchronized platform
G: Wang & Chen, China
S: Wu & Cole, Australia
B: Ortiz & Espinosa, Mexico
China has more golds in diving (20) than in any other sport.


Individual three-day event
G: Nicolas Touzaint, France
S: William Fox-Pitt, Great Britain
B: Lucinda Fredericks, Australia
New Zealand's Mark Todd came back at 52 but won't win a medal.

Team three-day event
G: France
S: Great Britain
B: Australia
Brits miss royal Zara Phillips, whose horse injured a leg.

Individual dressage
G: Anky van Grunsven, Netherlands
S: Isabell Werth, Germany
B: Andreas Helgstrand, Denmark
Van Grunsven was pregnant when she won gold in Athens.

Team dressage
G: Netherlands
S: Germany
B: U.S.
Germany's only (nonboycott) loss since '56 came in Munich.

Individual jumping
G: Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Germany
S: Beezie Madden, U.S.
B: Eric Lamaze, Canada
U.S.-born Michaels wed German equestrian Markus Beerbaum.

Team jumping
G: Germany
S: U.S.
B: Canada
Upstate New Yorker Madden led U.S. to gold in '04.


Individual épée
G: Matteo Tagliariol, Italy
S: Jerome Jeannet, France
B: Seth Kelsey, U.S.
Air Force Academy grad Kelsey had big win at recent Pan Ams.

Team épée
G: France
S: Hungary
Champs in 1996 and 2000, Italy failed to qualify in '04.

Individual foil
G: Peter Joppich, Germany
S: Salvatore Sanzo, Italy
B: Stanislav Podzniakov, Russia
Joppich has three world titles.

Individual sabre
G: Luigi Tarantino, Italy
S: Stanislav Pozdnyakov, Russia
B: Nicolas Limbach, Germany
Brooklyn's Keeth Smart could earn a medal.

Team sabre
G: Italy
S: Russia
B: France
U.S. men missed bronze in Athens by a single touch.

Individual épée
G: Li Na, China
S: Britta Heidemann, Germany
B: Ana Branza, Romania
China's 1984 champ, Luan Jujie, now fences for Canada.

Individual foil
G: Valentina Vezzali, Italy
S: Nam Hyun Hee, South Korea
B: Giovanna Trillini, Italy
U.S.'s Emily Cross, world junior champ, is a medal threat.

Team foil
G: Italy
S: Hungary
B: Russia
Italy has world's three top-ranked foil fencers.

Individual sabre
G: Rebecca Ward, U.S.
S: Sada Jacobson, U.S.
B: Tan Xue, China
Oregonian Ward won world title in 2006 at age 16.

Team sabre
G: U.S.
S: China
B: Russia
Athens sabre champ Mariel Zagunis joins Ward, Jacobson.


G: Australia
S: Germany
B: Netherlands
Minus injured midfielder Nathan Eglington, Aussies still rule.

G: Netherlands
S: Argentina
B: Germany
Germans took '04 gold despite being outscored overall 11--8.


G: China
S: Japan
B: Russia
Also favored in 2004, China tumbled to fifth in Athens.

Individual all-around
G: Yang Wei, China
S: Fabian Hambüchen, Germany
B: Hiroyuki Tomita, Japan
Yang led all-around in '04 before crashing from high bar.

Floor exercise
G: Diego Hypólito, Brazil
S: Zou Kai, China
B: Marian Dragulescu, Romania
Hypólito's sister survived bus wreck, won worlds medal.

Pommel horse
G: Xiao Qin, China
S: Hiroyuki Tomita, Japan
B: Yang Wei, China
Yang proposed to fiancée at a fake press conference.

G: Chen Yibing, China
S: Jordan Jovtchev, Bulgaria
B: Yang Wei, China
Bad (early-group) U.S. draw may cost Kevin Tan a bronze.

G: Marian Dragulescu, Romania
S: Leszek Blanik, Poland
B: Daniel Popescu, Romania
Dragulescu was on Romanian Dancing with the Stars.

Parallel bars
G: Mitja Petkovsek, Slovenia
S: Li Xiaopeng, China
B: Kim Dae Eun, South Korea
Former world champ Li is finally healthy after foot ailments.

Horizontal bar
G: Fabian Hambüchen, Germany
S: Vlasios Maras, Greece
B: Justin Spring, U.S.
Hambüchen was Germany's '07 sportsman of the year.

G: China
S: U.S.
B: Romania
U.S. beat China by a point at worlds last year.

Individual all-around
G: Shawn Johnson, U.S.
S: Steliana Nistor, Romania
B: Yang Yilin, China
Rain flooded Johnson out of her Des Moines gym in June.

G: Cheng Fei, China
S: Hong Su Jong, North Korea
B: Alicia Sacramone, U.S.
Germany's Oksana Chusovitina, 33, could win a medal.

Uneven bars
G: Nastia Liukin, U.S.
S: He Kexin, China
B: Ksenia Semenova, Russia
Liukin's dad, Valeri, was first man to do a triple back on floor.

Balance beam
G: Li Shanshan, China
S: Steliana Nistor, Romania
B: Shawn Johnson, U.S.
Li's routine is so good she fell at '07 worlds and still won silver.

Floor exercise
G: Cheng Fei, China
S: Shawn Johnson, U.S.
B: Alicia Sacramone, U.S.
Brown junior Sacramone has won two world floor medals.

Individual all-around
G: Anna Bessonova, Ukraine
S: Vera Sessina, Russia
B: Olga Kapranova, Russia
Anna's dad was Ukrainian soccer player of year in 1989.

G: Russia
S: Italy
B: Bulgaria
U.S. didn't qualify anyone in rhythmic gymnastics.

G: Ye Shuai, China
S: Dong Dong, China
B: Yasuhiro Ueyama, Japan
Ye is a former diver and artistic gymnast.

G: Irina Karavaeva, Russia
S: Huang Shanshan, China
B: Karen Cockburn, Canada
Cockburn's husband is Sydney medalist Mathieu Turgeon.

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