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The March Midterm

Posted: Tuesday March 25, 2008 1:05PM; Updated: Wednesday March 26, 2008 11:08AM
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By Bryan Armen Graham,

Sharpen those pencils and pick up those bluebooks: The bell has rung on SIOC's March Midterm, evaluating your knowledge of NCAA tournament history, current events and more. Good luck!

Can you name the last Southern Conference team to win an NCAA tournament game before Davidson turned the trick last week?
Can you name the last Southern Conference team to win an NCAA tournament game before Davidson turned the trick last week?
John Biever/SI

1. Just one of the 16 head coaches whose teams survived the first weekend competed in the Sweet 16 as a player. Name him.

a. UCLA's Ben Howland
b. Xavier's Sean Miller
c. Western Kentucky's Darrin Horn
d. Washington State's Tony Bennett

2. Of the 11 Catholic schools in the original field, only Villanova and Xavier remain. Name the last Catholic school to win the national championship.

a. Georgetown
b. Marquette
c. Seton Hall
d. Villanova

3. Which of the following multi-talented athletes DID NOT play on an NCAA tournament team?

a. Donovan McNabb, Syracuse
b. Kenny Lofton, Arizona
c. Terrell Owens, Chattanooga
d. Randy Moss, Marshall

4. Name the last school from the Southern Conference to win an NCAA tournament game prior to Davidson's surprising double this weekend.

a. Chattanooga
b. College of Charleston
c. Appalachian State
d. Elon

5. Which of the following NCAA regulations DOES NOT apply to team bands?

a. The national anthem is played by the higher seed's band.
b. Uniforms may bear one manufacturer label or trademark not to exceed 2.25 square inches.
c. Cowbells are strictly prohibited.
d. Bands may not use electronic instruments or play songs affiliated with any products or pro teams.

6. Memphis enters the Sweet 16 with a 35-1 record despite making just 59.2 of its free-throw attempts on the season. Name the only national champion since the tourney expanded to 64 teams to shoot worse than 65 percent from the stripe.

a. Louisville, 1986
b. Nevada-Las Vegas, 1990
c. Arkansas, 1994
d. Connecticut, 2004

7. Three double-digit seeds advanced to this year's Sweet 16, two short of the record set during which tournament?

a. 1986
b. 1995
c. 1999
d. 2006

8. Nine teams in this year's Sweet 16 have one or more McDonald's High School All-Americans on their rosters. Name the only NCAA Division I men's basketball champion since 1979 -- the year following the event's 1978 inception -- which did not have a single McDonald's All-American.

a. Villanova, 1985
b. Michigan State, 2000
c. Maryland, 2002
d. Florida, 2006

9. Many Southern hoops fans are hoping for an I-40 national championship game between Memphis and Tennessee. How many times have schools from the same state faced one another in the national title game?

a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. It's never happened

10. UCLA's Ben Howland has carved out a reputation as one of the game's premier defensive minds, a field of emphasis with roots tracing back to his playing days. At which school did Howland win a pair of Big Sky defensive player of the year awards during the 1970s?

a. Weber State
b. Northern Arizona
c. Eastern Washington
d. Montana

11. Match the famous non-basketball alumnus/alumna with the Sweet 16 school attended:

a. Chris Hansen, To Catch A Predator host
b. Mayim Bialik, Blossom star
c. Chelsea Clinton, First Daughter
d. Bill James, baseball sabermetrician
e. Don Knotts, Mr. Furley from Three's Company
f. Edward R. Murrow, father of broadcast journalism

1. Kansas
2. West Virginia
4. Michigan State
5. Washington State
6. Stanford

12. Michigan State's Tom Izzo, Louisville's Rick Pitino and North Carolina's Roy Williams are four wins away from their second national championships. How many active coaches have won multiple titles?

a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

13. TRUE OR FALSE: The term "Final Four" wasn't coined until the 1970s.

a. True
b. False

14. Sweet 16 participants North Carolina and Wisconsin share the record for most losses by a Final Four team, setting the mark during the 2000 tournament when both schools advanced to the national semifinals as No. 8 seeds. How many losses did those Tar Heels and Badgers have entering the tournament?

a. 13
b. 14
c. 15
d. 16

15. Consecutive opening-weekend flameouts have snapped Duke's streak of nine consecutive Sweet 16 appearances -- four short of the all-time record held by which school?

a. North Carolina
b. Kentucky
c. Louisville
d. Georgetown

16. Kansas State's Michael Beasley, who spirited the Wildcats to their first NCAA tournament victory since 1988, owns each of the following cell phones EXCEPT:

a. iPhone
b. T-Mobile Sidekick
c. Verizon LG
d. Sprint BlackBerry
e. Motorola RAZR2


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