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Posted: Tuesday July 29, 2008 10:07AM; Updated: Tuesday July 29, 2008 10:07AM
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Let's make some deals -- starting with these 10

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  • Ten fun trades we'd like to see, regardless of rules
  • One Cincinnati native would be leaving the Queen City, and one arriving
  • One team would get an infusion of 'scrappiness' courtesy of a gritty shortstop
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Ken Griffey Jr.
It wouldn't be hard to picture Ken Griffey Jr. in a Mariners uniform. He spent 11 years in Seattle and hit 398 home runs from 1989 through 1999.

It's easy to get bogged down when two teams start talking trades. Unless, of course, there are no rules to go by, no fans to answer to, no contracts to work with and nothing else to consider except the wild possibilities.

Thus freed to wheel and deal, here are 10 trades we'd like to see:

Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds) to the Mariners

The Kid's no longer a kid, and going back to Seattle for however long doesn't make a lot of baseball sense. But Seattle fans, and Griffey himself, would love to see this happen. Heck, Seattle would even throw in Erik Bedard for no extra charge. Really. You can have him.

Manny Ramirez (Red Sox) to the White Sox

We know, we know. He's almost certainly not going anywhere this season. But how cool would it be to see Manny and Ozzie Guillen in the same clubhouse. Manny being Manny. Ozzie being Ozzie. Non-sequiturs would fly. Headlines would scream. The fun factor for this one would be off the scale.

Milton Bradley (Rangers) to the Twins

The Twins need a big bat badly. And this season, they don't come much bigger, badder and battier than Bradley, who has 19 home runs and the fourth-best OPS in baseball. Give up Boof Bonser. Throw in Livan Hernandez. The Rangers will take any pitchers that you can give 'em.

Dan Uggla (Marlins) to the Cubs

You'd like to think that Florida wouldn't trade a cheap young player like Uggla, but that's what the Marlins do. The Cubs, of course, have a surplus of middle infielders, but none with the big bat of Uggla. Send one of the infielders back to Florida, throw in Jason Marquis and ... voila. Done deal.

Adam Dunn (Reds) to the Mets

It's hard to understand where Toronto's J.P. Ricciardi was coming from in dissing Dunn. Yeah, the big lug whiffs a lot, but he gets on base a lot, too (.385 OBP) and he has 30 home runs already. Maybe the Jays couldn't use him, but the Mets sure could. The Reds wouldn't ask too much.

Matt Holliday (Rockies) to the Angels

Yes, Rockies general manager Dan O'Dowd would have to admit that the Rocks are done, but since they just about are, why not trade Holliday to a team that needs a hitter? L.A. can give up Gary Matthews Jr. as part of a package and we can all watch Holliday go from playing for the Rockies nightly to taking nightly aim at the rocks beyond the outfield fence in Anaheim.

Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox) to the Reds

Another Coming Home Trade. There's no earthly reason why the Sox should dump Youk, arguably their MVP. But if they wanted, say, Dunn and ex-Boston righty Bronson Arroyo, Youk would get the Reds' attention. He's a Cincinnati native, and the Queen City loves the kind of hustle and grit he brings.

Roy Halladay (Blue Jays) to the Cardinals

A pipe dream, sure, but we like to think of these as mercy releases. Halladay is a horse who has started 269 games without so much as a sniff of the postseason. He probably won't get that this year with the Cards, but they will compete next year. We're not so sure about Toronto.

Jason Bay (Pirates) to the Rays

With the Yankees making a lot of trade noise, we'd like to see the Rays -- still in first place in the American League East, if you've forgotten -- try to keep up. How much sense does this one make for the Rays? Bay is a good on-base guy with power. Tampa Bay has youth to trade. Do it now.

David Eckstein (Blue Jays) to the Tigers

Eckstein gets pounded on by the stats-minded community. His numbers indicate that he's not even an average big-league shortstop. Still, he'd be better than Edgar Renteria, he's cheap, he's been on World Series winners and he's on a short contract. Plus the Tigers could use a little "scrappiness."

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