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My 2007-08 playoffs bracket

Posted: Wednesday April 9, 2008 4:24PM; Updated: Thursday April 10, 2008 7:36PM
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First round



Montreal vs. Boston: It's no accident that Montreal beat Boston all eight times during the regular season -- tthe Canadiens are better and deeper however you break this series down. And that Habs' speed is a pleasure to watch. The gritty Bruins take a game, nothing more. Canadiens in five.

Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa: Think Pittsburgh was happy to draw these guys rather than the beat-your-brains out Flyers? Uh, yes. If the Senators thought they had defensive problems coming into this series (they do), wait till they get hit with the Pens' playmakers. Another quick series. Penguins in five.

Washinbgton vs. Philadelphia: The Capitals are not all about Alexander Ovechkin -- take a look at their big backliners, and Bruce Boudreau is Coach of the Year.-- but the surefire Hart Trophy-winner carries a team like no one else. The Flyers can punish you, and they move the puck, but they can also get unraveled, and will. Capitals in six.

New Jersey vs. New York: Not a lot of ice to spare in this one. The Devils can make life miserable, but this is where the Rangers' big names (Drury, Gomez, Jagr) will awake from their long winter's nap. Rangers in six.


Detroit vs. Nashville: The pesky Nashvillians won't make these games easy, but under Mike Babcock, Detroit is steeled to win the one-on-one battles they'll need to win. Red Wings in five.

San Jose vs. Calgary: Defenseman Brian Campbell, a poor man's Scott Niedermayer, arrived in San Jose at the trade deadline and has helped convert the Sharks into a true puck-possession team. That will help. So will the fact that they're a lot better than the Flames, who'll ride Miikka Kiprusoff to whatever success they have. Sharks in five.

Anaheim vs. Dallas: Hello, Mr. Pronger (thud!). Hiya, Mr. Niedermayer (whoosh!). With their core defensemen and superior checking forwards, the Ducks will stop the Stars cycle before it starts. Quack on, brothers. Ducks in six.

Minnesota vs. Colorado: Party like the lockout never happened! The re-assembled Avalanche -- welcome back Adam and Peter -- are playoff dangerous. If they can keep things at even strength, they should stay in control. Both teams are tough at home. Avalanche in seven.

Second round


Cagey netminder Henrik Lundqvist will star on Broadway in To Habs and Habs Not.
Cagey netminder Henrik Lundqvist will star on Broadway in To Habs and Habs Not.
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Montreal vs. New York: Rangers netminder Henrik Lundqvist steals a couple of games. Habs rookie Carey Price doesn't. Rangers in six.

Pittsburgh vs. Washington: Sidney versus Ovie. There'll be plenty of entertaining moments, but the series will be short. Penguins in five.


Detroit versus Colorado: The old rivalry is back! (Wonder if the Avs can sign Claude Lemieux to a two-week contract ...) But the Red Wings' sprites -- Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk -- will simply be too swift. Red Wings in six.

San Jose vs. Anaheim: The two best teams in hockey. Oh, how sad that one must lose! Extend your sympathies to southern California -- for Joe Thornton will carry San Jose through. Sharks in seven.

Conference finals


Pittsburgh vs. New York: Not yet, Sid, you're still a year away. Rangers in seven


Detroit vs versus San Jose: Here' where teh Sharks' depth will pay off. They'll wear down the Wings and expose their goaltending. The Thornton effect gets serious. Sharks in six.

Stanley Cup Final

San Jose versus New York: The Rangers' tight style will keep these games close, and Jaromir Jagr's last stand will be a compelling narrative. So will the Sharks finally reaching the promised land. Silver is coming to the silicon valley. Sharks in six.

Conn Smythe: Joe Thornton

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