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Posted: Friday January 30, 2009 10:19AM; Updated: Friday January 30, 2009 1:30PM

Laura Leigh, bacon explosion, Super Bowl links: Hot Clicks

Hot Clicks
By Jimmy Traina
It Still Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
Laura Leigh
Laura Leigh :: Courtesy of

Never before in the history of Hot Clicks has a woman generated more e-mail for her appearance in the lead photo spot as Laura Leigh did yesterday. In fact, several of you requested a full week of Laura at the top of Hot Clicks, and a few of you want me to enshrine Joe, of Tampa, Fla., who alerted me to Laura, into the Hot Clicks Hall of Fame. If I'm not mistaken, the only members of the Hot Clicks Hall of Fame are Brian and Brian from Rochester, Minn., who brought Leryn Franco to our attention. I think Joe deserves to join the Brians. Especially after he sent this e-mail last night: "Hey Jimmy, this is probably one of the best weeks I can remember. First off, I got the spotlight on Hot Clicks. Tonight, I'm on the radio talking sports at Hooters in Channelside. Sunday, I get promoted to Captain in the Air Force. Really though, the Hot Clicks was the highlight."

In The Interest Of Fairness

A couple of females wrote in to question the authenticity of some of Laura Leigh's, um, assets. We're not here to judge or analyze such frivolous things. But those same females also requested some material for them. The best I can do is this link that breaks down which David Beckham Armani underwear ad is the sexiest.

Where Are The Super Bowl Links

Because of the overwhelming amount of Super Bowl links sent to me, I created a one-time only, special "Super Bowl Edition of Hot Clicks." All Super Bowl-related links can be found on that page, except for Tailgating Ideas' list of The 10 Most Annoying People You Meet At A Super Bowl Party because it was too good and too funny for me to pass up, and because I related all too well to the last line of the article.

Manny's Offer

I'm late on this, but in case you missed it, Manny Ramirez has indeed gotten a contract offer from a baseball team.

At Least He Goes Home To Brooklyn Decker

Fats McGee, of Parts Unknown, (love the name and hometown) sent this e-mail early yesterday: "I'd love to see the clip of Andy Roddick last night saying to the referee, 'get a sack' or 'grow a sack.' He is one of the bigger babies in sports and his presentation doesn't help. He looks like a silver-spoon kid and may have the best, 'look at me, I'm the a------' look ever. Guy looks no fun to hang out with, and seems like the biggest whiner ever. PLEASE, get that clip." Luckily for Fats, Mr. Street, of Chapel Hill, N.C, sent the clip late yesterday.

If It's Friday, You Know What Time It Is...

It's Friday Night Lights time. I'm not gonna rant and rave about how you should watch the show. I've done that enough. But you should -- no, you must -- read this. You should also read this e-mail from Matt Wolford, of Richmond, Va.: I just wanted to pass along some Friday Night Lights love. You can get the whole season on sale on iTunes this week. Some great on the go watching. Screaming and cheering while on the bus or at work." Lastly, Minka Kelly gets the proper respect on this list of the 100 Hottest Women of 2009.

Bacon Bonanza
Bacon Explosion: Photo Courtesy of

It started Wednesday afternoon, when I received this e-mail from Mike Sullivan, of Middletown, N.J.: "Jimmy, with all the great content you put together how could you have missed the Bacon Explosion? Even the New York Times had an article on it." Then, yesterday, Braden Berkley, of Newport Beach, Calif., Jason Koopmans, of Santa Cruz, Calif., Henry, of Washington, Sean, of Fishers, Ind., Brad Johnson, of Atlanta, sent me the Times link while Tyler Ott, of Kansas City, Mo., Brian Gaul, of Overland Park, Kan., send me the link. Nothing I can say now will explain this or do it justice. Just check out the two links above. And then if you need even more bacon in your life, check out this Bacon Haikus Web site. Yes, I said Bacon Haikus.

Random Links

Vote for the Cheapest Shot of the 2008 Season ... What does The Victoria's Secret Lingerie Bowl Dream Team look like? ... Here's a list of things the NFL could cut in order to make room for the Lingerie Bowl in their budget ... Lastly, Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts just married a former Ms. FHM swimsuit model.

I Hate To Do This But...

Even though I can't get credit for starting the Snuggie craze, I'll still take care of you guys by bringing you some bizarre products. Roshan, of Oklahoma City, says "The Snuggie is bad, but the Smitten may be worse. Meanwhile, Todd, of Minneapolis, says "Have you seen this asinine thing? What kind of idiot needs a template for his goatee? Or a goatee at all, for that matter?" Lastly, Tom, of Stamford, Conn., says "I know you love/are the one responsible for the Snuggie craze. Check out Snuggies in use."

Nothing But Laughs

For a roundup of the best videos to hit the 'net this week (and because I was "judge" this week), check out And then, for what might be the link of the day, sent to us by Andrew L., of Broomall, Pa., check this out.

One Of The Best Videos Ever...
Sports Video Of The Day

John F., of Cleveland, says "Don't know if you've run this one yet or not. I really am not sure what quite makes this throw so good, but it's worth seeing since the commentator out-Gus Johnsons Gus Johnson:

Water-Powered Jet Pack Video Of The Day

I can't explain it. Just watch it.

Tim Tebow Video Of The Day

Evan, of Gainesville, Fla., sends this YouTube clip of Tim Tebow laughing at the expense of a friend who's ccontraption to glide over a body of water totally fails.

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