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Posted: Thursday January 8, 2009 11:10AM; Updated: Thursday January 8, 2009 11:49AM
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
For All The Marbles
Which side has your support? :: Bruce Yeung : Damian Strohmeyer/SI

At long last, it's title game time, and we've got links aplenty. And because we know what you want and need, we'll start with the Angry T's cheerleader-centric approach for deciding tonight's winner. If you're still conflicted, rest assured, at least one other young, attractive, scantily-clad co-ed feels your pain. If, on the other hand, you're sure about your choice but are looking for some extra backup points to help you sound smart during pregame arguments, check out OSF's "five reasons" post for each squad. If you suspect the friend with whom you'll be arguing may also read the OSF post, head to Simon on Sports, where you can find out everything you've ever wanted to know (and more) about each team's recruiting history, and what it all means for tonight's matchup. If you don't care who wins, but just want some controversy, then head to The Big Lead and read a different kind of "pay for play" argument. For all your other title game blog needs, head over to Gunaxin's blog bowl index.

His Priorities Are Straight

The folks at Sports Rubbish seem mightily annoyed at Congressman Cliff Stearns for asking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to reschedule Thursday evening and Friday morning voting to enable Florida and Oklahoma Congress members to attend the national championship game. They tossed out some lines about "misplacing priorities" and "taking sports way too seriously" and everything. We, for one, admire Congressman Stearn's bold attempt, and suspect the legions of politically active, right-leaning Gators fans will reward him next election.

Bust A Move

By now, Rey Maualuga's stealthy little dance number is old news, and while it caused quite a stir among Erin Andrews enthusiasts and others, OTR points out it was just the latest in a long series of spontaneous musical outbursts by high-profile college football players and teams. Granted, none of these other examples involved an unsuspecting sideline reporter, but they involved enough Hanson and Soulja Boy to make up for that fact.

Blind and Bronze
Who would want to desecrate JoePa's statue? :: AP

All's fair in love and war, which is why it's OK when UCLA students desecrate the Tommy Trojan statue with blue paint. But whoever stole the glasses from the JoePa statue outside Beaver Stadium needs a serious talking to. We suspect Brett Favre (who introduced himself to his new Jets teammates by tossing a dead animal into a teammate's locker), Yale students (who infamously duped the Harvard student section into holding up colored squares that read "We Suck,") and the other noble pranksters on Fan IQ's list of the best sports pranks of all time are not the right people to deliver those stern words.

Bottom's Up

You have less than 10 hours to come up with an award-winning caption for this picture. The good news: If you win, you get a free Oklahoma Sooners DVD! The better news: The image depicts a cheerleader hanging upside down through a basketball hoop. Good times all around.

My, How The Mighty Have Fallen

It probably felt really, really good when Boston College knocked off seemingly unbeatable UNC on Sunday night, and it probably felt really, really bad when the No. 17 Eagles lost to Harvard last night. Lost by 12 points, at that. We'd say "sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains," but we're not writing about baseball or Bull Durham, so we'll refrain from offering up those comforting words.

Flippin' Fun

We suspect you've noticed football's about to end. Major bummer, we know. But all is not lost. Basketball's in full swing, baseball's just around the corner and, perhaps most important of all, the 2009 World Series of Flip Cup is only five months away. Though shiny and enticing, the new teaser page is rather limited. But fear not, because our super secret source gave us the scoop, so clear May 30 off your calendars. If competitive drinking isn't your thing, you can always take up inner tube basketball. And if you think that makes you sound lazy, just talk to the kids who think Sudoku's an intramural sport.

Barack And The Beavers

We've got to assume the Obama connection isn't hurting Oregon State.

Pop Culture Nugget

Kid Rock really knows how to bring out the best in our legal leaders.

Today In Hot Clicks
Teresa Lourenco :: Getty Images/

Wild New York athlete wives -- and a discovery ... Tribute to Flacco's unibrow ... Best bad hair ... Lions fan gets great tattoo ... Rickey robbed ... Video: Hitler on Lions ... Tomei gets down.

Odds and Ends

Maybe Utah will win the People's Bowl ... Don't miss the annual UCLA prom dress rugby game ... Vote in the Big West-Summit League mascot war ... C'mon, who T's up the cheerleaders?

Challenge That

From the men who brought you the BCS monkeys comes this charming tale of a young woman, her football-loving gynecologist and his trusty red flag.

Are You My Mother?

The classic children's book taught us all that no, stray animals are not our progenitors, but don't tell that to this guy.

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