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Posted: Friday January 9, 2009 11:50AM; Updated: Friday January 9, 2009 12:05PM
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Chomping At The Bit
Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow were all smiles after the title game. :: Donald Miralle/Getty : AP

Well, we've got a new national champ, and aside from Gators fans, very few people have anything nice to say about the teams, the game or the people who called it. Interception King lists five reasons this might have been the worst title game of all time, while Awful Announcing points out that while the number of band shots took a hit, the announcer idiocy meter rose considerably. Meanwhile, College Game Balls marveled at the Florida fans who climbed onto a traffic signal to celebrate, but found the rest of the action pretty mundane, and the Online Sports Fanatic wonders if Bob Stoops' "cockiness" cost Oklahoma the game. Man, tough crowd this year. At least CO-ED found a silver lining.

Bathing In The Glory

Sure, that crystal football's shiny and impressive, but Simon on Sports implores you not to forget about the 33 other bowl trophies that graced your TV screens this year. We never knew how good bronze tubas, dolphins and oversized pottery could look until we saw them next to celebrating players and witty captions. Sticking with the theme, Urban Meyer wasn't the only coach copiously doused with Gatorade this bowl season, and so SoS decided to post pictures of all the sugary sports drink baths, too.

A Little Monetary Perspective

Speaking of trophies, OTR would like to remind you that the crystal football in question is worth $30,000. That's 1,500 regular footballs, 833 Sooners jerseys, 50,847 bags of Doritos, 2,705 Solo Cups and 90,000 ping pong balls. And, of course, a year's salary for many recent grad's.

How Much Football Have You Played?
You do not want to mess with this man. :: Rick LaBranche/SI

Anyone thinking of challenging Tim Brando should listen to this clip and then seriously reconsider.

A Seven Step Program

In case you were still down for the count after a particularly festive New Year's gathering and spent the day away from your computer, most of the post-Fiesta Bowl headlines read something like, "Right on Cue." Meaning that, naturally, Ohio State blew it in the postseason ... again. But the Buckeyes weren't alone, as Iowa was the only Big Ten team that managed a bowl victory. But as the Big Ten fans at B/R know, the first step to a recovery is admitting there's a problem. And so, it's time to reflect, and then check the Big Ten into rehab.

And Now, Objection No. 9

You've heard all the anti-BCS, pro-playoff arguments before, but never before have you seen pictures of toilets, skinned pigs and poisoned milk so flawlessly incorporated into those arguments.

Kernel Buzz

Because it's just a tad too challenging to eat a handful of popcorn and then take a sip of beer, someone has invented beer-flavored popcorn. Enjoy responsibly.

Don't Trick Me Into Thinking You're Beautiful

You know how, growing up, we all used to storm out of particularly frustrating or boring math classes wondering aloud when we would ever need to know that stuff? Well kids, the time to practically apply your well-honed arithmetic skills has come at last, because Boosh has invented a formula that'll help you figure out how attractive a fellow co-ed really is just by looking at her Facebook profile picture. So, grab that beer-flavored popcorn and celebrate, because your days of leading a shallow existence just got a little easier, and more accurate.

Pop Culture Nugget

If you like to stay one step ahead of the folks at E! and Access Hollywood, you better brush up on the 10 actresses sure to hit it big in 2009.

Today In Hot Clicks
Britany Raymond

Fans fed up with Fox title game announcers ... More Rickey Henderson ... NBA Lookalike Quiz ... Talk radio fight ... Friday Night Lights hottie ... Video: Ref gets frisky with player ... Baba Booey.

Odds and Ends

The Florida and Oklahoma cheerleaders looked better in 3D ... Amusing faux Purdue personals ... Keep your eyes peeled for Jeremy Lin ... Being a Sun Devils fan just got a whole lot pricier ... Who knew Duke students were such skilled hunters?

A Major Hit

Dubious helmet-leading aside, this was the hit of the game.

The Man Behind The Mustache

And when we say "man," we mean "baby." At long last, the real scoop on the now legendary Baby Mangino.

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