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Posted: Tuesday June 9, 2009 1:54PM; Updated: Wednesday June 10, 2009 1:57AM
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MMQB Mail (cont.)

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The Fox NFL Sunday pregame show added Michael Strahan to the mix last season.
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Peter King's Mailbag
Peter King will answer your questions each week in Monday Morning Quarterback: Tuesday Edition.

Now for some of your other e-mail:

WE STILL NEED THOUGHTFUL NFL STORIES. From Mike Strawser of Cincinnati: "I agree with your summary of the blogging trailer at the Eagles' camp this summer. What is missing in this era of instant info is the thought process that can only accompany the passage of time, and the patience to discover what the underlying facts are, not just the surface sheen. Unfortunately, you aren't getting that in the ever-shrinking newspaper. We only get that in the weekly magazines or on the specialty NFL-related shows. Not to blow wind up your skirt [or shorts in your case], but that's why I enjoy reading MMQB -- you think before you write, so we get depth, not surface sheen.''

Thanks a lot, Mike. The biggest problem with "headline news'' coverage of the NFL, especially as it relates to other sports, is that football is the hardest sport to simplify. That's what I worry about.

ALL PREGAME SHOWS HAVE TOO MANY VOICES. From John of Chester Springs, Fla.: "Peter, no one is complaining about the other shows having too many people because EVERYONE has too many people in their shows. We don't need 10 people telling us the same thing over and over. Give me a studio show with four people and one news man. I can get all the rest of the information on the Internet. Having so many people takes away from why we watch the pregame shows in the first place, to get important news about the players and teams we root for, not to hear 50 differing opinions on how good a person is or the other fluff passed as news. Sometimes, bigger is not better.''

I answered some of those points up top, and I think the TV industry might be a little too focused on packing 15 pounds of stuff into a 10-pound bag, as you say. I guess I look at what each person adds to the show. Take Fox, for example. I think the weather thing is absurd, but understandable because of the cheesecake factor. I think Jay Glazer is great at uncovering stories. And I think Michael Strahan has added an opinionated presence in the middle of four TV guys with good chemistry. So other than the weather, it's hard to find fault with what Fox does. Take away any one of those six mainstays and I think the show would be diminished.

GOOD POINT. From Clint Burson of Hamilton, Mont.: "According to your Twitter feed, only four percent or so of your column was about Brett Favre. By my calculations, a little over 10 percent of your column was about baseball. I know you like baseball, but MMQB is about football. Can you cut back baseball coverage to Favre levels? I didn't mind the occasional mention, but it's getting to be a major part of the column these days.''

Post-draft, sometimes I may get a little too baseballish, because I grew up in it and love it. I never promised that this column would be all football, and when I come across the Austin Wood stories, or the Chicago Blackhawks-at-their-GM's-father's-funeral stories, I'm going to tell them. But I'll heed your advice to watch the overbaseballization of MMQB.

ANOTHER GOOD POINT. From Brian Bruce of Wichita: "Do you find it ironic that in the same article you [deservedly] praise our troops for enduring such brutal working conditions without complaint, then bemoan the fact that some NFL players had to work, gasp, SEVEN whole days in June?''

Very good. Nice point. You're right.

MOVIES WE LOVE. From Neal Cassidy of Houston: "You said North By Northwest is one of your top three all-time films. How can you say that and then not list the other two? It's not a huge deal, but I'll bet thousands of MMQB readers saw that and thought, at least in passing, 'I wonder what the other two are?'"

1. North By Northwest
2. Casablanca
3. High Noon

Of course, I could have gone with Animal House, Rear Window or The Big Sleep, one of history's most underrated movies.

TWITTER COMMENT OF THE WEEK. From Will Martinez (@heymynameiswill) of Montreal: "I chuckled at the Eagles installing a blogging trailer. This from the organization that fired an employee for what he blogged.''


A REAL PROFESSIONAL CHECKS IN. From Eric DeCosta (Baltimore Ravens' director of player personnel) of Owings Mills, Md.: "Loved the travel note about I-295 in Rhode Island. Same happened to me once on 295. Only I got pulled over for speeding and missed my flight. They need to take the damn sign down.''

And people, let me tell you something about DeCosta: He's as New England as they come. Born in Taunton, 19 miles from Providence. Educated at Colby in Maine, then at Trinity in Hartford. To think the sign fooled him is giving me hope I'm not a total doofus.

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