Posted: Monday September 13, 2010 6:13AM ; Updated: Monday September 13, 2010 6:10PM
Peter King

MMQB (cont.)

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Fine Fifteen

Aaron Curry and Co. held Frank Gore to 38 yards on 17 carries as the Seahawks shocked San Francisco 31-6 in Pete Carroll's first game as head coach.
Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images

1. New Orleans (1-0). There wasn't a flawless team in Week 1 and I don't think one was close. So the Saints take the top spot because of a very good defensive performance and because we all know Drew Brees is going to play like Drew Brees for the next four months.

2. New England (1-0). I have one word for Randy Moss: clueless. And I like him.

3. Green Bay (1-0). One thing I worry about -- that line might get Aaron Rodgers hurt. Where'd all those leaks come from?

4. Tennessee (1-0). I don't know if the Titans can keep it up, but I will make this prediction: Albert Haynesworth will play for Tennessee by the trading deadline.

5. New York Giants (1-0). If Kenny Phillips can play 16 games, he's going to Hawaii. All expenses paid.

6. Pittsburgh (1-0). The defense snuffed out Matt Ryan, which is the way the Steelers are going to have to play to stay afloat -- and go at least 2-2 by the time Ben Roethlisberger returns. Decent day for Dennis Dixon. Just decent. Tremendous days for Hines Ward and Head&Shoulders Polamalu.

7. Houston (1-0). Could this finally be a 60-minute team? Sure looked like it Sunday.

8. Indianapolis (0-1). They lost, and they may have lost Bob Sanders, who, as I said on NBC Sunday night, has now played 48 games in his career and missed 49. It's sad. When I talked to him in training camp, he was happy and healthy and anticipating this season with excitement because he finally felt good. If he'd got a serious arm or elbow injury because of a fluky injury in the first quarter of the first game, I'd feel sorry for him.

9. Baltimore (0-0). Interested how the great cornerback question is answered tonight in New Jersey.

10. New York Jets (0-0). Interested how the quarterback they hope will be great plays tonight in New Jersey.

11. San Diego (0-0). I just never thought it would come to Marcus McNeill sitting out. Vincent Jackson, yes, because the Chargers have decided internally to move on without him. But a top-eight left tackle? Mind-boggling.

12. Seattle (1-0). Matt Hasselbeck, 34, played like Mr. Peabody put him in the Wayback Machine on Sunday. He was a little colt out there.

13. Washington (1-0). Any team that plays defense the way the Redskins did will be in most of their games this year, no matter how long it takes the offense to be competent.

14. Minnesota (0-1). Vikes should be fine. Imagine if they get Vincent Jackson, and for the last eight games of the year, you've got to face Jackson, Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin in three-receiver sets. Yikes.

15. Dallas (0-1). Here's what happened on the idiotic Dallas play at the end of the first half that gave Washington its only touchdown of the night: The Cowboys had the ball at their 36 and had one final play to call before halftime. The play called by offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was a Hail Mary pass from Tony Romo into the end zone. But Dallas was called for a hold.

At first the Redskins declined the penalty and then, a moment later, told Tony Corrente they were accepting it. In the ensuing confusion, coach Wade Phillips said he never communicated to Garrett to call off the Hail Mary. "We needed to call it off and we didn't do it,'' Phillips said. "Tony should have just taken a knee.'' Romo didn't, of course, and got pushed out of the pocket. He flipped the ball sideways to running back Tashard Choice, who, obviously, should have gone down at the first sign of pressure. But he fought for yards, DeAngelo Hall stripped it, and Hall ran it in for a touchdown.

Phillips took the blame, but Garrett, obviously, should have known to call a kneel down. Romo should have known to audible to a kneel down if it wasn't called from the sideline. Choice should have known to lay on the ground ... Just a stupid, stupid play all around that showed disorganization on the part of the Cowboys.

Quote of the Week I

"I think around here in the New England area, a lot of people don't want to see me do good. And the reason why, I don't know ... Sometimes you want your boss to tell you you're doing a good job. If you're doing a good job and think you're doing a good job, you want to be appreciated. I really don't think that, me personally, that I'm appreciated ... I'm not here to start any trouble. I am here to play out the last year of my contract.''
-- Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss, in a rambling news conference after the Pats' victory over Cincinnati Sunday. The man is just not very happy.

As my NBC/MLB Network buddy Elliott Kalb said of the Mossman's postgame meanderings: "Randy being Manny.''

Quote of the Week II

"I've owned the franchise for 17 years. During that time I've had one wife and two quarterbacks.''
-- New England owner Robert Kraft, to me, Thursday night, after he told me he reached agreement with quarterback Tom Brady on a four-year contract extension that will keep Brady in New England through the end of the 2014 season.

Kraft's purchase of the Patriots was approved by the league in January 1994, nine months after Drew Bledsoe was drafted by New England. Brady came in the 2000 draft, took the starting job over in 2001, and, except for a 15-start interlude by Matt Cassel in 2008, has been the man ever since. If Brady completes the contract, he'll be 37 at the end of it -- and he's told me he wants to play until at least 40.

Quote of the Week III

"This team is starving for a win! Let's go eat!''

-- Detroit defensive end and captain Kyle Vanden Bosch, on the floor of Soldier Field before the Lions faced Chicago, imploring them to win. If Calvin Johnson had held on to the ball in the end zone, the Lions would feel a little more full this morning.

Quote of the Week IV

"I'm just glad he signed, so they'll have no excuses.''

-- Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis, on Darrelle Revis reaching agreement with the Jets in time to play in tonight's lid-lifter between the Jets and Ravens in New Jersey.

Hard Knocks Quote of the Week

"I haven't had a normal bowel movement in six weeks.''

-- NFL Films president Steve Sabol, in the middle of editing the "Hard Knocks'' season finale last Wednesday, to me and Ross Tucker on our Sirius NFL Radio show. In other words, there were some tense moments putting the show together.

Side Note That May Interest Only Me: I asked Sabol if he'd gotten phone calls from either Roger Goodell or anyone at the league office after the first episode or two of the Jets' series, asking NFL Films and HBO to tone down the F-bombs in Rex Ryan's scenes. "None,'' he said.

Tweet of the Week I

"chester taylor is my new favorite player. I asked him why he signed w/Bears&he said, "the money, first and foremost.''
-- SI_JimTrotter, ace NFL writer Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated, on his conversation with the Vike-turned-Bear. Thank you, Chester Taylor, for saying what so few players ever say.

Tweet of the Week II

"I see ya Mike Vick. Do your thing man. Glad Vick is performing well with this chance. In case people have forgot how impressive he is.''
--@ryanclark25, Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark, at 7:26 p.m. Sunday, obviously watching the Packers-Eagles game after his own game earlier in the day.
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