Posted: Monday June 13, 2011 2:48AM ; Updated: Monday June 13, 2011 3:10AM
Peter King

MMQB (cont.)

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Ten Things I Think I Think

Godfrey Myles, who played linebacker for the Cowboys from 1991 to '96, died last week after a major heart attack. He was 42.
Godfrey Myles, who played linebacker for the Cowboys from 1991 to '96, died last week after a major heart attack. He was 42.
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1. I think you'll notice a single line in your papers or a small note on sports Web sites this morning about the death of former Dallas linebacker Godfrey Myles, who suffered a massive stroke. Allow me a few words about the hard-working system player Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones drafted in the third round of the draft. A guy who solidified the Super Bowl championship run in 1991.

Myles was a special-teamer and backup outside 'backer for four seasons until ascending to the starting job under Barry Switzer in 1995. He started 11 games, finished third on the team with 55 solo tackles, and helped them get to, and win, the third Super Bowl of the era. I remember covering the 1991 Dallas draft, and Johnson being excited by the pick of role players (picked high) Russell Maryland, Dixon Edwards and Godfrey Myles. "My kind of players,'' he said that day. "They fit exactly what we'll do on defense.'' Myles wasn't Aikman or Emmitt. But he was the kind of player Johnson needed to win. So many winning teams have those kinds of players, and we don't pay enough attention to them. Cowboys fans, think good thoughts of Godfrey Myles today.

2. I think that was very bad form, Lawrence Taylor, committing to attend both days of the Giants' 25th-year anniversary gathering of their first Super Bowl win, and then being a no-show on Sunday.

3. I think if I were Mike Shanahan, I'd put in a sixth-round bid on Terrelle Pryor in this summer's (potential) supplemental draft, keep him on the Redskins practice squad for at least the 2011 season, and hope you make something out of him in a good offensive system by 2012 or '13. At the very least, the sixth-round investment might become a decent draft choice if Pryor develops; at worst, he's a waste. And in the middle, maybe he makes eight or 10 Kordell Stewart-type plays for you in 2012.

4. I think the Rams should sign Plaxico Burress. No doubt in my mind.

5. I think I will -- as will my peers -- give the Ken Anderson candidacy for the Hall of Fame our serious consideration if it comes up out of the Seniors Committee. And I believe he deserves a hard look. But let's not talk about Anderson like he's a slam-dunk and its been a ridiculous oversight over the years, please.

What I don't like about advocates for anything -- the Hall of Fame, MVP, who's better at some position or other -- is ignoring some factors at the expense of others. And though I have great regard for Anderson's career and understand how difficult it was to climb Mount Pittsburgh every season in the same division as the Steelers, you can't ignore the fact that he won no Super Bowls and two playoff games in 16 seasons -- 13 of which he was the Cincinnati starter. That shouldn't determine whether he gets in or not, but it certainly needs to be a factor in whether he does.

6. I think I'm glad Alex Smith "absolutely expects'' to be the 49ers' starting quarterback, because the coach of the 49ers is planning on it. In fact, he doesn't have many alternatives. Or any.

7. I think every GM and front-office operative is hoping for a resumption of the football league year, oh, around July 10. Why then and not now? Because families look forward to some real time off with the league's coaches, scouts, GMs, and team personnel starting around this time of year. If free agency begins June 22, and general managers and coaches have to rush back to work, there will be more than a few cold shoulders given by wives and kids to the men of the house.

8. I think I wonder this about Cleveland: Will the city's sports fans be happier if Colt McCoy wins a playoff game this year than it was when LeBron James lost a championship series last night?

9. I think these are my quick-hit NBA thoughts (shocking! King on the NBA!):

a. A sign of a great player is one who wants the ball and takes charge of the game when it's on the line and the throat's getting tight. Dirk Nowitzki is a great player. LeBron James, in this series, was not.

b. LeBron didn't murder someone, by the way. He just went somewhere with extreme hubris in free agency. Can we cool the character assassination please?

c. LeBron just wasn't aggressive enough taking charge and jonesing for the ball. Why? It's going to haunt him. He's got time to write his NBA story, but this will be a very ugly chapter.

d. Fantastic move by Mark Cuban, shutting up and letting his players have the attention in this series, and then allowing David Stern to present the championship trophy to Mavs founder Donald Carter.

e. Tyson Chandler and Jason Terry ... even a basketball neophyte like me can see how good, and how valuable, they are.

f. Dwyane Wade's the best player on Miami.

g. Are you telling me all those Heat fans allowed their seats to be sold to Mavs fans? What were there, 4,000 Dallas fans in the house? Seemed like it.

h. Love what Dirk said postgame: "This is a win for team basketball.''

i. Re Dirk-Bird comparisons: Larry stands alone, but the reasons they remind me of each other were evident Sunday night. They don't care if they're 3-for-22 in the first 40 minutes; they want the ball in the final eight. They can handle the ball and the pressure. And they make their teammates better.

10. I think these are my non-football thoughts of the week:

a. Thanks, Mike Wilbon, for my 54th birthday shoutout on PTI. You know you've got a big show when a friend in Taiwan emails to say, "Hey, just heard on Pardon the Interruption that it's your birthday!''

b. More sad news of the weekend.

c. Proud of you for overcoming so much in the past year, Evan King, and being a stellar grad of the South Windsor (Conn.) High class of 2011. We'll be there to cheer you on tomorrow night.

d. Saw a black mutt last week. Asked the owner his name. "Wharf,'' he said. I wondered why, and the guy said, "Because he's black -- like a wharf.''

e. I promise I am not making that up.

f. Surprise: I thought ESPN or FOX would outbid NBC for the Olympics.

g. This hockey series is fantastic. Game 6 is tonight, on the edge of a cliff in Boston, and if the Bruins win, they'll take their fifth 2,600-mile flight to Vancouver for Game 7 Wednesday night. I like the travel part of it from this standpoint: In most cases historically in sports, teams fly right after the game to the next city, the next game. The Bruins, even with only one day between games, have slept in Vancouver, woke up the next morning, eaten breakfast, and flown east. Seems smart to me. Rather than ruin a team for the entire next day, the players fly rested, concentrate on hydration, land, and have an evening at home. The team hopes they get to bed early. Seems a better idea than landing exhausted at 7 a.m., trying and failing to sleep, and then sleepwalking through the day.

h. Coffeenerdness: Leftover from last weekend's jaunt to the Pacific Northwest -- a top-notch espresso called Poverty Bay from Auburn, Wash. Poverty Bay is a micro-roaster, and I had the best triple latte I've had in some time at the Church Hill Coffee House in Friday Harbor, not far from the home of the late Don Coryell. Outstanding place. One of John Clayton's favorites.

i. Beernerdness: You people in the Pacific Northwest are pretty lucky to have all those summer beers to choose from. Just before leaving Seattle early last week, on a row of taps at the bar in a Capitol Hill restaurant, I saw a 10-inch-high white polar bear as the tap for a beer. "What's that one?'' I asked. The bartender said, "Alaskan White. Good summer beer. A hefeweizen.'' He was right. Light, tons of flavor. Loved it. Good marketing too. We all want to drink what polar bears drink.

j. Just to refresh your Father's Day memories: Get the man who has everything End Game, about the reclusive chessmaster Bobby Fischer; or In the Long Run, about a CBS newsman's realization that his career was killing his family (good for this time of so many of our lives) ... and, in case you didn't take my advice a few months ago, you must read Unbroken, the heroic story of survival in World War II by Laura Hillenbrand. This is saying something, but this was better than Seabiscuit. Happy reading.

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