Posted: Monday January 30, 2012 4:07AM ; Updated: Monday January 30, 2012 12:06PM
Peter King

MMQB (cont.)

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Ten Things I Think I Think

HBO Documentary on Joe Namath
Source: SI
Joe Namath and his siblings talk about growing up in the Namath household.

1. I think the NFL should put San Diego in the Super Bowl rotation. Best Super Bowl city in the world. I don't care how mediocre Qualcomm is. I've never heard a soul -- fan, visitor, media type -- complain about the site. But I have heard scores of people ask, "When's the Super Bowl going back to San Diego?''

2. I think scouts love the hiring of Phil Emery as Chicago GM. Emery is one of them -- a worker bee who rose through the ranks and now gets his shot with a flagship NFL franchise.

3. I think the former Bear GM, Jerry Angelo, still can't help but feel blindsided by his firing, and it's been almost a month since it happened.

4. I think I'll start here with full disclosure: Tony Grossi and I went to Ohio University together and worked at the school paper, The Post, side by side for three years. We have mostly lost touch over the years, but I still consider him a good friend. So if you want to dismiss my opinion on this, that's fair.

Grossi, a longtime Browns beat writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, sent out a tweet he meant to keep private for one friend, except that it went to all of his followers last week, and the tweet called Browns owner Randy Lerner a "pathetic figure, the most irrelevant billionaire in the world.'' Once Grossi saw the damage, he called his editor to inform him, then called Lerner and club president Mike Holmgren, ostensibly to apologize. They wouldn't take Grossi's calls. The paper took him off the Browns beat.

The paper's reader representative, Ted Diadiun, wrote a column explaining why Grossi got yanked. "[Managing editor Thom] Fladung was still left with a problem: His Browns reporter had revealed to the world his utter disdain for the owner of the team he was covering. How would the paper's readers be able to have faith in the objectivity in his reports following that? 'In another area, it would be an obvious call,' said Fladung. 'What if the reporter covering City Hall called the mayor pathetic and irrelevant? What if a reporter in the Columbus bureau said that about the governor? They would be removed from the beat immediately. It's the same with this situation.' ''

I disagree vehemently. Sports reporters on beats have become different than just-the-facts-ma'am statehouse reporters. For years, the role of a beat reporter in sports has been changing. Papers hand beat people a Sunday column and say, "Don't be afraid to be opinionated.'' Papers tell beat people to go on talk shows and be smart, authoritative and opinionated. And Twitter ... If you don't tell the fans what you really think and give them some knowledge they can't get anywhere else, good luck with attracting many followers. Grossi was opinionated and acerbic on Twitter anyway.

I am not bothered by Grossi thinking and expressing that Lerner is irrelevant. If Grossi showed in his copy some bias against the Browns, he should be moved off the beat. If Grossi said on some webchat that Colt McCoy is a lousy quarterback and the Browns should replace him, I'd laud him for his decisiveness and expert opinion. I don't like the move by the paper.

5. I think the Rams will get to play their game in London next year as planned and not be held to the Jones Dome for all eight regular-season home games.

6. I think I'd love to know what the Eagles are doing.

7. I think Andrew Luck will look great with a horseshoe on his helmet.

8. I think anyone who walks as well as Rob Gronkowski did getting off the Patriots charter Sunday afternoon will play seven days later.

9. I think that was a great job on the Irsay story, Judy Battista.

10. I think these are my non-football thoughts of the week:

a. I see George Steinbrenner's been reincarnated in Detroit.

b. Opening Day, Thursday, April 5, Sox at Tigers: Beckett against Cabrera and Fielder with Verlander going for Detroit. Yikes.

c. Not proud to say I caught a half-hour of the Kardashian show Sunday. Kris Humphries is either a very good actor or 10 times more pathetic than the Kardashian sisters for putting all their petty crap out there for the world -- and apparently me -- to see.

d. Early reviews on Indianapolis are very good. Nice touch by having Indiana schoolchildren put little drawings in everyone's hotel room downtown. Reminds me of what Olympic host cities do.

e. Yes, I plan to hit St. Elmo's.

f. Great job on the Namath documentary, Joe Lavine of HBO and Keith Cossrow of NFL Films. A thoroughly enjoyable trip down football memory lane, with some of the best vintage football footage there is.

g. Matt Light's at it again, raising dough for his highly worthwhile youth charity by auctioning off two tickets to the Super Bowl, plus lodging and expenses and all sort of football paraphernalia. I've seen how valuable Light's work is, and the Patriots left tackle is giving you a chance to win this package through an online raffle site, at just $2 per shot (five tickets minimum). Check it out. His goal is to raise $250,000. Help him. As of Saturday, he was over $100,000, and the raffle ends Thursday.

h. Incredible how bad the Knicks are.

i. Coffeenerdness: "Hey, hope I make 'Coffeenerdness!' '' Marc, my barista at the Starbucks Canal Place in New Orleans, said to me the other morning. Well, let's just see how you made my latte first ... Hmmmm. Yes. Very good. Marc, you are quite worthy of Coffeenerdness. Seattle, give this man a raise!

j. Beernerdness: My airport restaurant of the season is Crust, in the Delta terminal at LaGuardia. In part because of real pizza in a real pizza oven with real quality thin crust. In part because of the beer menu. Ommegang Witte in an airport bar? Extraordinary. A real Belgian white beer brewed in upstate Cooperstown. That's a keeper.

k. Have a fun week. And don't let the hype get you down.

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