Posted: Monday April 30, 2012 9:18AM ; Updated: Monday April 30, 2012 2:37PM
Peter King

MMQB (cont.)

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Ten Things I Think I Think

Kellen Moore
Height concerns caused Boise State QB Kellen Moore to go undrafted, where he was signed by the Detroit Lions.
Getty Images

1. I think if you're looking for draft grades, you'll have to look somewhere else. Grading drafts after they happen is like grading students for the term on the first day of class, and I've been out of that business for a few years now.

2. I think Kellen Moore going undrafted after going 50-3 in college and putting up stupid numbers and being one-quarter of an inch shorter than Drew Brees and 1.5 inches taller than Russell Wilson is patently absurd. I hope he makes the Lions and wins a playoff game. Soon.

3. I think those at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan who uproariously booed the 10-year-old child making the late-round Patriots' draft choice need to do some value-system adjustments with their lives.

4. I think when commissioner Roger Goodell issues his discipline against Saints players (almost certainly this week) for their purported involvement in the bounty scandal, he might be surprised at the intensity of the fight from the National Football League Players Association over the sanctions.

It's not just the fact that the union is trying to protect its members without the definitive proof it was seeking that the players promoted and pushed the bounty system. (Though Goodell, I'm told, feels secure in the knowledge that the players were more than just the bankers of the system.) The players will use as their bedrock point, I believe, that the system was imposed and pushed by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, not some cadre of rogue defensive team leaders. This thing is not going away.

5. I think that reminds me of something Goodell said to me during one of my three or four substantive interviews for a Sports Illustrated profile on him. I forget the topic, but I made the point the union was going to fight hard on some issue or another. He looked at me with a humorless stare and said: "We've got good lawyers too."

6. I think the best NFL news of last week, aside from the Luck/RG3 savior stuff in two NFL cities, is that the Pro Bowl is on life support. It should be. There is no reason to play a game that no player really wants to play, and it shows every year, with the lack of effort making it a mockery. I'm making that assumption, really, based on highlights/lowlights and what I saw the year it was in Miami, because I don't watch the game. The NFL should know by now the game is unfixable.

7. I think Ross Tucker, my buddy at SiriusXM NFL Radio, had a great takeaway on the draft, on the inexact science of talent evaluation. "Boise had as many guys drafted as USC and Texas combined, even without Kellen Moore,'' Tucker observed.

8. I think I love what the Raiders did over the weekend -- independent of the draft. They announced they would donate 10 percent of all ticket sales between May 1 and June 30 to the Oakland Unified School District. That should help motivate all fans thinking of buying seats to do so in the next two months. It's a tremendous cause, for those who aren't familiar with the needy school district. And I applaud the Raiders for stepping up to the plate.

9. I think I like lists as much as the next football follower. But is there a defense for Green Bay fullback John Kuhn being 92nd on the NFL Network's list of the top 100 players in the NFL? After playing 29 percent of his team's snaps over the past three years? After not being in the top-20-rated fullbacks on the ProFootballFocus list of fullbacks for the 2011 season? It's absurd.

10. I think these are my non-football thoughts of the week:

a.Veep is the best new thing I've seen on TV since the rookie year of The Office.

b.The Office, by the way, has become unwatchable. Silly, ridiculous plots.

c. Tremendous baseball point by Keith Olbermann. The baseball aficionado pointed out Saturday that for Mickey Mantle's big-league debut in 1951 and for Bryce Harper's in 2012, Vin Scully was in the broadcast booth both times.

d. Harper looks like he'll be incredibly fun to watch over the years, as long as he does something about that haircut.

e. I'm no big hoops fan, but that Derrick Rose injury was incredibly sad and that Clippers comeback was utterly amazing.

f. I'd like to host a fireside chat with Eli Manning and Kevin Durant. Subject: How to play your best when the game is on the line. Durant's incredible.

g. I know this is redundant, but when the NHL playoffs are on, I cannot look away. Devils down three games to two, Game 6 goes to overtime in New Jersey and the Devils win 3-2. Game 7 goes to a second overtime in Florida and the Devils win 3-2. Thirty-two of 48 games in the first round of the playoffs were decided by a goal. The first five games of Phoenix-Chicago went to overtime. And Sunday in Philly, another overtime job in Game 1 of Devils-Flyers. Great sport.

h. How does Doc Emrick not get hoarse more often?

i. This can't have happened very often: Through five innings Saturday against Miami starter Anibel Sanchez, Arizona led 2-0 with its third and fourth batters striking out in all six at-bats.

j. Story of the Week, from the New York Times, on the brutish Ty Cobb, and some sick vengeance.

k. Bruce Springsteen at Jazz Fest in New Orleans Sunday, during the day. What a scene that must have been.

l. Coffeenerdness: JFK Airport, Delta terminal, Starbucks, 7 a.m. Friday. I am 18th in line. There's one barista making drinks and also getting the drip coffee orders and making the drip coffee when need be. There's one person at the register taking orders. There are four more employees on hand. One is on garbage detail. One is getting pastries and food. One is in the back, apparently straightening out the stock for the day. One is -- well, I'm not sure what she was doing, except the barista kept calling for her and she never appeared, though there was evidence of another employee in the back of the store, behind the door.

Six employees, painfully slow line, one making the espresso drinks and pouring the drip coffee that everyone is in line to get. Might there possibly be a better deployment of your employees, Seattle?

m. Beernerdness: Not a great beer selection at the Marlins new ballpark -- I saw four innings there the other night -- but I have to hand it to them: At several locations in the lower concourse was Presidente Beer, the tasty light pilsner from the Dominican Republic. Very good light, drinkable humid-weather beer.

n. The stadium itself reminded me of the Diamondbacks stadium in Phoenix, a spacious monster, with a huge center field and that bizarre structure in left-center that I guess is supposed to illustrate the diversity and art and wildlife of south Florida but just looks awful. It's a comfy place. The food is tremendous; I strongly recommend the steak soft tacos (not sure if that's what they're called) at the Miami Mex stand in the upper deck.

I loved the diversity -- major league baseball, and all sports really, need to attract fans of all color and nationality, and two Latino families sat on either side of me. I wonder how long the fans will come. A vast number of them the other night were there to be social and to see the big new spaceship in Little Havana, not to watch the game.

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