Posted: Tuesday June 26, 2012 10:18AM ; Updated: Wednesday June 27, 2012 3:41PM
Seth Davis

NBA scouts talk draft prospects (Cont.)

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Jeremy Lamb had a tough year at UConn, but his high skill level makes him a first-round pick.
Jeremy Lamb had a tough year at UConn, but his high skill level makes him a first-round pick.
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Jeremy Lamb, 6-5 guard, UConn: "That kid can really play. His facial appearance and body language makes it appear that he doesn't care, but he does. His body is no worse than Rip Hamilton's was. When he played for the under-19 team in Lithuania, it was a tough final game, and he was the best player on the floor. It wasn't even close. He had a tough year at UConn, but it's not his fault."

Meyers Leonard, 7-1 center, Illinois: "Physically, he's Tyson Chandler. He has probably helped himself as much as anyone since the season ended. He's 255 pounds, but he can probably play at 265. He's intriguing, but he's very emotional. He's not a bad kid, not malicious at all, not a party guy. People don't want another Darko, but I think he likes the game more than Darko did."

Damian Lillard, 6-3 guard, Weber State: "He's the most unselfish scoring point guard I have ever seen. He's a great kid -- a great kid. He played more like a two in college, but he played on a team where if he didn't score 24 points, they wouldn't have won a game. Who was he supposed to pass to? He has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, like he's out to prove people wrong."

Scott Machado, 6-2 guard, Iona: "He's a second-round pick. The system he played in at Iona made him look pretty good."

Kendall Marshall, 6-4 guard, North Carolina: "I don't think he's going to make a poor team a lot better, but if you put him on a team like Oklahoma City or Philadelphia, where he's surrounded by a bunch of athletes, then he can really make them better. He's not a bad shooter. If someone leaves him open, he can knock down a few jumpers. My concern about him is the other side of the ball. Will he be capable of defending quick point guards? He doesn't have great speed, but he knows how to play fast."

Fab Melo, 7-foot center, Syracuse: "His body did not look good in Chicago. I worry about how committed he is. He's a backup somewhere. I give him credit for losing some weight, but he's got limits. I have a hard time with bigs who can't catch. His hands are average. He tries hard, but the game does not come easy to him."

Darius Miller, 6-7 forward, Kentucky: "I like this guy. He'll figure out a way. I could see him being a good rotation player, like a Danny Green or a James Jones. He'll know how to play his role."

Quincy Miller, 6-10 forward, Baylor: "He's intriguing but he's scary, and not in a good way. He still has a knee issue, and he's easily distracted. I haven't been a huge fan. I don't know what position he is. I guess he's a three, but he's really thin. He should have stayed in school. I don't think he's ready at all."

Arnett Moultrie, 6-11 forward, Mississippi State: "He's the same type of player as Taj Gibson, who's doing well. I don't know that he has a ton of improvement ahead of him, but he has a complete game and will rebound. He's a little slight. You think he's 250 and he's really 230. He doesn't have a motor, which is a problem."

Andrew Nicholson, 6-9 forward, St. Bonaventure: "He puts up decent numbers, but he's not a terrific athlete. Somebody is going to be really pleased with this kid. He's got a 7-3 wingspan. He just has a knack for putting the ball in the basket, and that's hard to teach. Reminds me of Paul Millsap."

Kyle O'Quinn, 6-10 forward, Norfolk State: "He has gotten a lot of buzz. He played really well at Portsmouth, and he did well at the big team workouts in New Jersey and Minnesota. He's a poor man's Kurt Thomas. He can play the four or the five and rebound a little bit, make a shot once in a while. He'll give you a nice presence."

Miles Plumlee, 7-foot center, Duke: "He's turned out to be a way better athlete than anybody knew. Duke is so guard-oriented, but he really helped himself in workouts in Minnesota and Chicago. I've never been a fan, but he's a physical freak. I would have said halfway through the season that he wouldn't even get drafted, but he has helped himself. His biggest problem is he thinks on the court too much."

Austin Rivers, 6-3 guard, Duke: "My biggest concern with him is size. He's never going to be a pure point because it's not in his personality. He's a capable passer, but he hasn't been a willing passer. He's hard to play with, frankly, because he dominates the ball. It depends on who the coach is. I did not like what I saw at Duke. I thought he was spoiled and selfish. He's a streaky outside shooter, not a great one."

Terrence Ross, 6-7 forward, Washington: "Maybe the biggest sleeper in the draft. He's athletic, he shoots it, he's competitive. His basketball I.Q. is a question, but that wouldn't concern me. One of the best shooters I've seen. He can really stroke it. He's far away physically, but he can put on strength. I like that he gets in his stance and tries to guard."

Thomas Robinson, 6-9 forward, Kansas: "Size was always a big deal with him, but he measured fine in Chicago. Playing away from the basket is a concern, but he works so hard, I don't see a risk with him. I don't know if he's an all-star, but he has some upside because his shot continues to improve."

Mike Scott, 6-9 forward, Virginia: "He's a little undersized, but he never misses. He doesn't have NBA three-point range, he doesn't even have college three-point range, but he never misses from 17 feet and in. Tony Bennett can really coach, so you know the kid knows rotations and how to hedge."

John Shurna, 6-9 forward, Northwestern: "He's a really, really, really good shooter, and he can really run. He'll duck it in on you, and he's a really good north-south runner. Plus, he's got legit size. If you play him with a good post player, you've got to guard him."

Renardo Sidney, 6-9 forward, Mississippi State: "He can't play more than three or four minutes at a time. No one will touch him. He has no chance. I'll let somebody else take that project on."

Henry Sims, 6-10 center, Georgetown: "He had a pretty good last season, but where was he the first three? I don't know if he likes to play or not. I don't think he gets drafted. I don't know how much of that body of work I can trust."

Jared Sullinger, 6-9 forward, Ohio State: "He's as good a basketball player as there is in the draft. The bottom line is he can score. Weight will always be an issue with him, and heavy guys historically end up having problems. I know he failed the NBA doctors' physicals, but our doctors did not fail him. You have to take all of that into account, but I still think he's talented."

Jeff Taylor, 6-7 forward, Vanderbilt: "He doesn't do anything off-the-charts well, but he does everything really well. He's a terrific athlete. He can almost guard four positions because he's so damn strong. His shot isn't great, but it's better than it was."

Tyshawn Taylor, 6-4 guard, Kansas: "Second-round pick. Gotta prove he can be consistent taking care of the ball, but he's very talented. His size and athleticism at that position is pretty good."

Marquis Teague, 6-2 guard, Kentucky: "The biggest thing with him is he got better as a point guard, but he should have gone back to school. He's not going to be playing against Mississippi State and Auburn up here. He's fast but he's not quick with the dribble. He doesn't get in the paint and create. He's an average ballhandler. One thing he does have going for him is he's a high-character kid."

Dion Waiters, 6-4 guard, Syracuse: "I'm a big fan. He's Dwyane Wade-ish. I don't know if he's pure enough to be a two, but he's just a baller. And he definitely has a little toughness in him. The only drawback is he's a little small, but he's thick, and he's a surly guy. He'll be an East Coast version of Rodney Stuckey. I would take him over Jeremy Lamb five times a day."

Royce White, 6-8 forward, Iowa State: "He's another guy I'd be scared to take and scared not to take. He has uncommon ballhandling skills for a guy with that body type. He's a poor free throw shooter, which is a huge concern. Huge, great hands. He holds the ball like it's a grapefruit. I know he has an issue with flying, but from what I hear that isn't that big a deal. He's making it to all his workouts."

Tony Wroten, 6-5 guard, Washington: "That shot is scary. I mean, he just does not make shots, and he's really turnover prone. Some of his turnovers are because he has a flair for the dramatic. But he measured 6-5 with length."

Tyler Zeller, 7-foot center, North Carolina: "Beast. I personally have him in the top seven. He's a 13- to 14-year NBA center. He can shoot, he's strong, he runs. Everybody complains they can never find a center. Well, here he is. There's absolutely no scenario where he's not going to succeed."

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