The Viral Athlete: What happens here, stays here -- and if you're at a resort fit for an emperor, plenty can happen

Caesars Palace

Not only did the Swimsuit crew venture to all seven Earthly continents, it also trekked to an otherworldly oasis, the last thriving outpost of the Roman Empire: Caesars Palace. The centerpiece of the Vegas Strip-where we shot our viral athletes spread- has 3,698 rooms, but the villas in its Octavius Tower, which opened in 2012, are the most appropriate choice for an emperor (or the cast of The Hangover Part III, which was filming there just before we arrived). For $40,000 per night one gets up to 11,000 square feet of opulence. including a marble-floored balcony with a whirlpool and a fire pit overlooking Caesars' Garden of the Gods, a five-acre, eight-pool complex.

Should you need something to wear to the pool, or to a Shania Twain show (the country-music star just began a two-year residency in December), or to Marquee -- the posh nightclub just up the strip at The Cosmopolitan, the plush hotel that housed us during the shoot -- we suggest exploring Caesars' 675,000- square-foot Forum Shops. It's a mall like no other, where shoppers walk amid faux-Greek ruins, and high fashion is for sale under gorgeous, high.vaulted, painted ceilings.

But if Greek isn't your thing, don't fret. The Caesars complex will soon include Nobu Hotel, a Japanese/South American/Vegas fusion boutique hotel that opens this month. It is the inaugural hotel venture of famed chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and it features the world's largest Nobu restaurant and lounge, designed by David Rockwell. More amazingly, guests have access to the first.ever Nobu room.service menu, which is available around the clock. The good news: The food is incredible. The bad news: It's bound to put your regular place back home to shame.