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Lew Alcindor
Michael Jordan
3456 (46%) 4089 (54%)
7545 votes

Bill Walton
Bill Russell
2764 (37%) 4616 (63%)
7380 votes

1999 NCAA Men's Tournament 1999 NCAA Women's Tournament

Century's Best Guidelines
  • How to pick a champ

From Sports Illustrated
  • Top 20 dynasties
  • SI's Hoffer: Favorite dynasties
  • Bill Russell speaks out

SI's Leigh Montville
  • Who is the Century's Best?

SI's Frank Deford
  • The Best Years of Our Lives

SI's Alex Wolff
  • The best games in tournament history

From Sports Illustrated
  • 10 Greatest Tournament Upsets

Your Responses
  • Who should have made the Top Eight
  • Century's Best college basketball coaches

  • Round of two
  • Round of four
  • Round of eight
  • Jordan vs. Maravich
  • Pro vs. College hoops
  • Adding new rules
  • Best rule change

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