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You be the manager

Created: Tuesday, June 13, 2006, at 14:33:35 EDT
Two outs, bottom of the fifth inning, visiting Blue Jays lead, 4-3. The Braves have loaded the bases, but starting pitcher Tim Hudson is due up. He has thrown 95 pitches and allowed the four runs (three earned) on seven hits and two walks over five innings, striking out two. In his last inning, he allowed a single but nothing else. All of Atlanta's pinch-hitters are available. Do you pinch-hit?
Hit for Hudson
82% 3797 votes
Leave Hudson in
18% 822 votes
Total: 4619 votes
Both starting pitchers are long gone, and Toronto now leads Atlanta, 8-7, in the bottom of the eighth. The heart of the order is due up for the Braves: Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones and Andy LaRoche. The Blue Jays pinch-hit for their pitcher in the top of the inning, so they have to bring in a new reliever. Neither setup man Justin Speier nor closer B.J. Ryan have been used. Who should be warmed up and ready to pitch for Toronto?
Use your best reliever
57% 2637 votes
Save your best reliever for the ninth
43% 1969 votes
Total: 4606 votes
Roy Oswalt has a one-hitter going for the Astros with 12 strikeouts, but they've only given him a slim 1-0 lead heading into the bottom of the eighth inning. With one out, Oswalt walks the Padres' Dave Roberts and Mike Cameron -- Oswalt's fourth and fifth walks of the game. His pitch count is now at 115. Brian Giles and Mike Piazza are due to bat. Do you relieve Oswalt?
Pull Oswalt
65% 2995 votes
Leave Oswalt in
35% 1584 votes
Total: 4579 votes
Whatever we decided, it backfired. San Diego scored twice to take a 2-1 lead into the ninth. Longtime closer Trevor Hoffman comes in for the save, but Hell's Bells aren't chiming quite so loudly, because in this scenario, the 38-year-old Hoffman has been shaky for the past two weeks. You take the precaution of warming up Scott Cassidy, who has been on fire almost all season in a setup role. Before you know it, Hoffman has loaded the bases with nobody out. Do you pull Hoffman?
Pull Hoffman
39% 1789 votes
Leave Hoffman in
61% 2756 votes
Total: 4545 votes
Indians starter C.C. Sabathia is already trailing, 3-1, in the fifth inning when he gets into further trouble. While capable Cleveland reliever Jason Davis warms up alongside mop-up man Fausto Carmona, Hank Blalock hits a grand slam to power the Rangers to a 7-1 lead with none out. Sadly, you go to the mound to get Sabathia. But before you do, you have to decide whether to practically concede the game and bring in Cabrera, or not-yet-say-die and go for Davis. Is it mop-up time?
Mop-up time
45% 2017 votes
Not mop-up time
55% 2484 votes
Total: 4501 votes
Guess what? Sometimes faith does pay off. The Indians got their rally caps working and now trail by only an 8-6 score. However, in the top of the eighth, Texas reliever Ron Mahay retires Cleveland in order on only seven pitches, not even breaking a sweat. The Rangers go scoreless in the bottom of the eighth, meaning there's a save situation available in the ninth for closer Akinori Otsuka. Do you replace Mahay with Otsuka?
Stick with Mahay
47% 2102 votes
Go to Otsuka
53% 2418 votes
Total: 4520 votes
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