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Fan Survey: Mitchell Report

Created: Thursday, December 13, 2007, at 14:11:14 EDT
Who's most to blame for the 'Steroid Era' and any ongoing use of performance-enhancing drugs?
Players Association
19% 4628 votes
MLB owners, GMs
7% 1771 votes
2% 464 votes
69% 16471 votes
2% 516 votes
Total: 23850 votes
What should happen to the records set by players implicated in the report?
24% 5755 votes
36% 8607 votes
40% 9509 votes
Total: 23871 votes
Should major awards, such as MVP and Cy Young, be rescinded for those named as users?
46% 10834 votes
54% 12914 votes
Total: 23748 votes
Should Roger Clemens and other potential Hall of Famers named in the report be removed from consideration from Cooperstown?
49% 11650 votes
51% 12188 votes
Total: 23838 votes
Now that more names are out in the open, how does this affect your opinion of Barry Bonds?
Not at all
78% 18584 votes
Somewhat, because other stars were using too
16% 3903 votes
I'd be OK with my favorite team signing him now
6% 1319 votes
Total: 23806 votes
In your mind, does Mitchell's investigation and the sport's stringent new anti-steroids policies close the book on the 'Steroid Era?'
6% 1508 votes
59% 14102 votes
Players will always find a way to cheat
34% 8181 votes
Total: 23791 votes
Should MLB and other pro sports leagues use stricter testing procedures such as blood work for HGH?
93% 22122 votes
7% 1578 votes
Total: 23700 votes
Do you consider Mitchell's status as a director of the Boston Red Sox to be a conflict of interest?
38% 9103 votes
62% 14676 votes
Total: 23779 votes
What should happen to players implicated as steroid users by the Mitchell Report?
13% 3156 votes
6% 1411 votes
38% 8976 votes
43% 10192 votes
Total: 23735 votes
Are you more or less likely to root for a player who was prominently named in the report?
More likely
1% 311 votes
Less likely
67% 15903 votes
No change
32% 7494 votes
Total: 23708 votes
How do these findings affect your loyalty and/or enjoyment of Major League Baseball?
I'm still a big fan
53% 12560 votes
Somewhat less of a fan
33% 7737 votes
Not a fan anymore
9% 2058 votes
Never was a fan
6% 1362 votes
Total: 23717 votes
Are you satisfied that Mitchell accomplished what he set out to do in this investigation?
Yes, this is the official history of the steroid era
11% 2640 votes
No, this only scratches the surface.
55% 12943 votes
Somewhere in between
34% 8156 votes
Total: 23739 votes
This poll is not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those Internet users who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general nor the public as a whole.