MLB Spring Training - 2002 MLB Spring Training - 2002


Throughout spring training, will feature regular dispatches from SI writers assigned to scout camps in the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues.

March 12: Tampa Bay Devil Rays
   Ray of Light by Stephen Cannella

March 11: New York Yankees
   Yanks and pains by Tom Verducci

March 11: Los Angeles Dodgers
   Short work by Stephen Cannella

March 8: Chicago White Sox
   No ordinary Joe by Marty Burns

March 4: Detroit Tigers
   In the Palm of his hands by Mark Bechtel

March 4: San Diego Padres
   Gone, but not forgotten by Jeff Pearlman

March 4: Houston Astros
   Houston's hands-on approach by Josh Elliott

March 1: St. Louis Cardinals
   Remind you of anyone? by Josh Elliott

March 1: Cleveland Indians
   Transition game by Mark Bechtel

March 1: Kansas City Royals
   Royal awakening by Mark Bechtel

Feb. 28: Minnesota Twins
   Action heats up at chilly Twins camp by Mark Bechtel

Feb. 28: Milwaukee Brewers
   Sunny disposition by Jeff Pearlman

Feb. 26: New York Mets
   Made for New York by Jeff Pearlman

Feb. 25: Montreal Expos
   Open-door policy by Jeff Pearlman

Feb. 22: Florida Marlins
   Fresh fish by Jeff Pearlman

Feb. 19: Cincinnati Reds
   Happy return by Jeff Pearlman