2003 Spring Training 2003 Spring Training

Throughout spring training, will feature regular dispatches from SI writers assigned to scout camps in Arizona and Florida..


March 19: Colorado Rockies
   Cookin' up a storm by Phil Taylor

March 18: San Francisco Giants
   Ryan's hope by Phil Taylor

March 18: Arizona Diamondbacks
   Dessens destiny by Phil Taylor

March 11: Chicago Cubs
   Miller time by Jeff Pearlman

March 10: Milwaukee Brewers
   Yost of the town by Jeff Pearlman

March5: Philadelphia Phillies
   Bell's an easy sell by Michael Farber

March 3: Atlanta Braves
   Bulldog searches for a bone by Michael Farber

Feb. 28: Montreal Expos
   Retro Expo by Michael Farber

Feb. 27: New York Mets
   Meet the Mets by Jeff Pearlman

Feb. 27: Florida Marlins
   Instant attraction by Michael Farber

Feb. 26: Minnesota Twins
   Wealth of health by Albert Chen

Feb. 26: St. Louis Cardinals
   Cardinal spin by Jeff Pearlman

Feb. 25: Houston Astros
   Transition period by Jeff Pearlman

Feb. 24: Pittsburgh Pirates
   Sinking ship by Jeff Pearlman

Feb. 21: Cincinnati Reds
   A return to greatness by Jeff Pearlman