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Tough luck

Knoblauch's homer off Jordan's glove tied game 5-5

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Posted: Wednesday October 27, 1999 01:06 PM

  Brian Jordan Leap of faith: Atlanta outfielder Brian Jordan fails to haul in Chuck Knoblauch's eighth-inning home run. AP

NEW YORK (AP) -- Brian Jordan dropped the first ball that came his way Tuesday night, and he couldn't quite hang on to the last one, either.

If the Atlanta Braves right fielder makes either catch, the Braves might have survived in Game 3 of the World Series. Instead, they lost 6-5 in 10 innings to the New York Yankees and are on the verge of being swept.

Jordan also made a spectacular catch on a drive by Joe Girardi in the third inning, crashing against the wall to prevent a sure double. But it's the two balls hit by Chuck Knoblauch that will remain etched in the outfielder's memory.

In the first, the Yankees leadoff hitter sliced a liner to Jordan's right. Running at full speed, he caught up to the ball but watched it deflect off his glove for an error.

Knoblauch wound up at second base and came in with an unearned run that tied the score at 1.

The Braves bounced back with three runs in the third and another in the fourth to take a 5-1 lead. The margin was 5-3 heading to the bottom of the eighth when Girardi led off with a single to right.

Next up was Knoblauch, who lofted a fly ball down the right-field line. Jordan cruised toward the wall for what would have been an easy catch in just about any other park, but not at Yankee Stadium.

Jordan ran out of room at the 314-foot sign, leaped high and stretched his glove over the top of the blue-padded wall.

At least he didn't have to contend with Jeffrey Maier, the boy who leaned over the wall the opposite way to create a Yankees' homer in the 1996 AL Division Series Series. It didn't matter.

The ball struck the outer webbing of Jordan's glove and fell into the jubilant crowd while the outfielder crashed back to the ground. He looked hopefully toward his left hand, but nothing was inside.

"I'm glad I hit it at Yankee Stadium," Knoblauch said. "I was hoping to get it up far enough. Luckily, it bounced the right way."

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