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 Price of Yankees' World Series shares down again

 Subway Series lowest-rated in history

 Yankees think ahead to four in a row

 Sojo becomes unlikely hero for Yankees
Bottom of lineup provides typical Yankees heroism
A tale of one city: Yankees fans party, Mets fans wait

 Subway Series' low ratings part of overall sports trend
Yankees' roster will change for next season
Just like DiMaggio, Jeter leads Yankees
Mets' table-setters lack 1-2 punch
Yankees' bullpen shuts down Mets in Game 4
Notebook: Jeter moves to leadoff, sparks Yankees
New Yorkers behave while their teams slug it out

 'Frazier' brushes back World Series TV ratings
Trammell makes most of new life with Mets
Yankees' Series streak ends at 14 games
Franco posts biggest win of career
Notebook: O'Neill still not happy
Clemens fined $50,000 by baseball for bat toss

 Neagle faces one-hit wonder Jones in Game 4
Cooney: Clemens should have been tossed
Mets try to regroup against Yankees
Buckner calls Clemens bat toss 'pretty dumb'
Clemens-Piazza flareup still talk of the town
Vizcaino to get another start in Game 3

Back to 2000 MLB Postseason front

Game 4: Yankees def. Mets 3-2
Recap | Notebook
Photo Gallery: Yankee pride
Locker Rooms: Yankees | Mets
Closer Look: Mets snuffed
SI's Daniel G. Habib: Check mate
SI's Jamal Greene: Bench warmer
SI's Jeff Pearlman: Seeing is believing
SI's Kostya Kennedy: Smug vs. sentimental

Game 3: Mets def. Yankees 4-2
Recap | Notebook
Locker Rooms: Yankees | Mets
Photo Gallery: Shea-r madness
Closer Look: One funky hop
SI's Jeff Pearlman: Bubba-licious
SI's Jamal Greene: Still the warrior
SI's Stephen Cannella: Armed forces
SI's Kostya Kennedy: Ya gotta believe

Game 2: Yankees def. Mets 6-5
Recap | Notebook
Locker Rooms: Mets | Yankees
Photo Gallery: Rocket's red glare
Closer Look: Only Zeile hits Clemens
SI's Jeff Pearlman: No Rocket scientist's Ken Klavon: No revenge

Game 1: Yankees def. Mets 4-3 (12 inn.)
Recap | Notebook
Locker Rooms: Mets | Yankees
Photo Gallery: Classic in the making
Closer Looks: Sweet Relief | Timo's Gaffe
SI's Jeff Pearlman: Rusch from rags to riches
SI's Stephen Canella: Nobody beats the Viz
SI's Daniel G. Habib: Justice is served ... again

Subway Series
SI Covers: Mets | Yankees
Page One: Next stop: Dynasty
From SI: Yankees' Greatest Hits
World Series Quiz: Take a swing
SI's Deford: National passed time

10/21: Yankees 4, Mets 3 (12)     Recap | Box
10/22: Yankees 6, Mets 5            Recap | Box   
10/24: Mets 4, Yankees 2            Recap | Box   
10/25: Yankees 3, Mets 2            Recap | Box   
10/26: Yankees 4, Mets 2            Recap | Box    (Yanks win 4-1)
Probables | MLB Postseason Scoreboards

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1956 Subway Series
Mets | Yankees

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1969 Mets
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Yankees Greatest Hits

On the Diamond
Game 1 | Game 2
Game 3 | Game 4
Game 5

Day at a Glance
Oct. 21 | Oct. 22
Oct. 23 | Oct. 24
Oct. 25 | Oct. 26

Page One
Simply Amazin'
Field of dreams?
Next stop: Dynasty
Subway series history
Remembering Brooklyn

Love and War

Tale of the Tape
Jeter vs. Piazza

Week at a Glance
Week to Remember

Facts & Figures
Preview capsule
Batter vs. Pitcher
Season series recap

Joe Torre
Ozzie Smith
Tom Verducci
Mike Berardino

Of Note
Leadoff Homers
Most Strikeouts
Extra-Inning Games

Rivalry reborn
By the Numbers
Home-field myths

Tom Verducci's Baseball Mailbag
The night shift

Midnight madness

Subway all the way

Subway Series not for everyone

Chat Reel
Vince Cellini
Stephen Cannella
Mike Berardino

Message Boards
Subway Series smack


SI's Frank Deford
National passed time
Only New Yorkers care about Subway Series

SI's Rick Reilly
The out-of-towner

SI's Kostya Kennedy
New York observer

SI's Tom Verducci
The genius of Piniella

SI's Leigh Montville
Imported players
Valentine not so bad
Subway Series survival

SI's Jack McCallum
All aboard's John Donovan
Sleepless in America
Yankee cool
New York, New York

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  Soggy start for shoppers
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