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Recap | Box Score | Game Log | How They Scored | Today's Scoreboard
Kansas City 5, Cleveland 4
Posted: Sunday May 14, 2000 04:18 PM

KANSAS CITY 1ST : Damon lined out to shortstop. Febles doubled to left. Sweeney doubled to deep left center, Febles scored. Dye struck out swinging. Randa grounded out to first. KANSAS CITY 1, CLEVELAND 0.

CLEVELAND 1ST : Lofton singled to left. Lofton stole second. Vizquel flied out to center. R Alomar singled to left, Lofton to third. Lofton scored on runners fielders choice, R Alomar to third on 1st baseman Sweeney's throwing error. M Ramirez struck out swinging. Thome walked. Justice grounded out to shortstop. KANSAS CITY 1, CLEVELAND 1.

KANSAS CITY 6TH : Sweeney singled to left. Dye grounded into fielder's choice to third, Sweeney out at second. Randa doubled to left, Dye to third. Quinn grounded out to second, Dye scored, Randa to third. Beltran walked. B Johnson struck out looking. KANSAS CITY 2, CLEVELAND 1.

KANSAS CITY 7TH : R Sanchez grounded out to second. Damon walked. Febles grounded into fielder's choice to third, Damon out at second. Febles to second on Finley wild pitch. Sweeney doubled to deep left, Febles scored. Dye grounded out to shortstop. KANSAS CITY 3, CLEVELAND 1.

KANSAS CITY 8TH : Scott Kamieniecki relieved Chuck Finley. Randa homered to left. Quinn lined out to third. Beltran walked. Beltran stole second. B Johnson grounded out to shortstop, Beltran to third. R Sanchez struck out swinging. KANSAS CITY 4, CLEVELAND 1.

CLEVELAND 8TH : E Diaz homered to left center. Lofton flied out to deep left. Vizquel struck out swinging. R Alomar grounded out to pitcher. KANSAS CITY 4, CLEVELAND 2.

KANSAS CITY 9TH : Ricardo Rincon relieved Scott Kamieniecki. Damon struck out swinging. Febles walked. Sweeney singled to right, Febles to third. Dye grounded into fielder's choice to first, Febles scored, Sweeney out at second. Randa flied out to left center. KANSAS CITY 5, CLEVELAND 2.

CLEVELAND 9TH : M Ramirez struck out looking. Thome singled to deep right center. Justice homered to right, Thome scored. Jerry Spradlin relieved Mac Suzuki. Fryman struck out looking. Sexson struck out swinging. KANSAS CITY 5, CLEVELAND 4.

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