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Updated: Saturday, May 3, 2003 1:44 AM EDT
Pittsburgh Pirates
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Stats: Batting | Pitching
5 7 1
Los Angeles Dodgers
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Stats: Batting | Pitching
3 10 3
W Beimel (1-0)
L Quantrill (0-1)
S Williams (8)
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 123456789 RHE
Pittsburgh002000300 571
Los Angeles000200100 3103

K Lofton cf5110023.218
J Wilson ss4220101.277
J Kendall c2111301.313
A Ramirez 3b5010023.252
R Sanders lf5101035.256
R Simon 1b3000112.294
J Tavarez p0000000.000
S Sauerbeck p0000000.000
b-R Mackowiak ph1000010.205
M Williams p0000000.000
C Wilson rf4021000.250
A Nunez 2b3000112.171
S Torres p1000111.000
a-M Stairs ph1000000.240
J Beimel p0000000.000
K Young 1b1000010.196

a-flied out to deep left center for S Torres in the 6th
b-struck out swinging for S Sauerbeck in the 9th.

BATTING: RBI - J Kendall (12), R Sanders (15), C Wilson (5). 2-out RBI - C Wilson. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - K Lofton 2, R Sanders 2, R Simon 1, A Nunez 1. Team LOB - 10.

BASERUNNING: SB - J Kendall (4, 2nd base off K Ishii/T Hundley), J Wilson (1, 3rd base off K Ishii/T Hundley).

FIELDING: E - R Sanders (1, dropped foul ball). Outfield assists - K Lofton 2 (S Green at 3rd base, B Jordan at 1st base). DP: 2 (K Lofton-R Simon, J Wilson-A Nunez-K Young).

A Cora 2b4011001.253
J Cabrera cf3000011.245
P Quantrill p0000000.000
P Lo Duca c1000011.275
S Green rf4020011.295
F McGriff 1b4110022.255
B Jordan lf4121000.279
G Mota p00000001.000
T Hundley c3011001.200
T Martin p0000000.000
M Kinkade lf1000000.286
A Beltre 3b2110200.213
C Izturis ss3010012.255
b-R Coomer ph0000100.208
K Ishii p1000010.000
a-J Romano ph-cf2010001.111
c-D Ward ph1000001.214

a-singled to center for K Ishii in the 5th
b-walked for C Izturis in the 9th
c-lined out to shortstop for J Romano in the 9th.

BATTING: 2B - B Jordan (3, S Torres); A Beltre (8, S Torres). RBI - B Jordan (14), T Hundley (8), A Cora (6). 2-out RBI - A Cora. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - C Izturis 1. GIDP - J Romano. Team LOB - 6.

BASERUNNING: CS - T Hundley (1, Home by S Torres/J Kendall).

FIELDING: E - T Hundley (1, throw); F McGriff (2, bobble); A Cora (4, throw).

S Torres57221502.59
J Beimel (W, 1-0)11000002.70
J Tavarez (H, 5)12111106.17
S Sauerbeck (H, 10)10000103.46
M Williams (S, 8)10001006.17

K Ishii53216703.21
P Quantrill (L, 0-1)1 2/33301101.35
T Martin1 1/31000100.82
G Mota10000301.59

WP: K Ishii, S Torres
BB: R Simon (by P Quantrill)
Pitches-strikes: S Torres 83-50; J Beimel 15-9; J Tavarez 19-10; S Sauerbeck 6-5; M Williams 14-7; K Ishii 95-49; P Quantrill 37-23; T Martin 18-14; G Mota 18-14
Ground balls-fly balls: S Torres 5-3; J Beimel 0-2; J Tavarez 2-0; S Sauerbeck 1-1; M Williams 2-1; K Ishii 4-4; P Quantrill 3-1; T Martin 2-1; G Mota 0-0
Batters faced: S Torres 21; J Beimel 3; J Tavarez 5; S Sauerbeck 3; M Williams 4; K Ishii 24; P Quantrill 10; T Martin 5; G Mota 3

UMPIRES: HP--Mark Carlson 1B--Paul Nauert 2B--Gerry Davis 3B--Ed Rapuano.

T--3:11.  Att--53,820.  Weather:58 degrees, cloudy.  Wind:9 mph, left to right. 

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